The Watchers Issue #27 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

I wasn't too excited about re-watching the most recent theatrical of the Turtles after seeing the not so great reboot. I did remember enjoying it in my initial viewing but i had thought the same for the previous film. Fortunately a lot this is a big improvement of the former film.


The Story

There isn't much reference to the previous film other than mentions of the Shredder's defeat and the only mention we get toward the weird origin is that they were named by April. After Shredder is broken out of jail through an alliance with Baxter Stockman and The Foot he forges another alliance with Krang to bring the war machine known as the Technodrome to Earth. With the help of newly transformed lackey's Bebop and Rocksteady they set out to collect the pieces need to portal in the Technodrome. Meanwhile the Turtles are learning multiple lessons about acceptance including accepting themselves one another and human society. Add in a returning April and suspended cop turned vigilante Casey Jones and they're ready to foil the Shredder's plans once again.


The Cast

Pretty much any complaints I had about the cast in first movie no longer exist in this one. Leonardo's voice no longer stick out Michelangelo doesn't come off nearly as annoying and everyone else has generally improved. The recasting of Shredder was a good choice and the change from him being the only Japanese speaking character to English was a good choice as well. Gary Anthony Williams and Sheamus do a wonderful job as Bebop and Rocksteady and Tyler Perry as Baxter Stockman is so corny you can't help but enjoy it. Arrow's Stephen Amell plays Casey Jones going from playing one vigilante to another. Although he couldn't top Elias Koteas near perfect portrayal, I think he does a good job especially with this being his first major movie role. Brad Garrett's Krang isn't exactly the classic cartoon voice but it definitely still fits the character.


The Pizza

I might have eaten this pizza more than any other in my life do to the frequency of which my Grandparents ordered it when i was a kid. Casey's more a of middle Illinois general store chain that has a kitchen. Their taco pizza is really the only pizza of theirs I enjoy epecially with the right spicy substance added to it. Sausage, lettuce, tomato re-fried beans and nacho cheese doritos actually work quite well in combination. Their pizza is always a little on the doughy side but if you get the chance, check this one out.


Closing Thoughts

Unlike the first one that seemingly tried to take the turtles in a whole new direction Out of the Shadows decides to smother itself with nostalgia and it does it very well. There are lots of call back the the classic 87 cartoon series and the whole thing feels a lot more like a fan Turtles movie than the first. Unfortunately this film didn't do as well as the first at the box office and despite a third moving being a possibility Paramount has announced they are rebooting the franchise. This movie is by no means perfect but it is definitely an enjoyable Turtles love letter. Let's hope the next Turtles reboot could give us something closer to Deadpool blending the action and more adult comedy and maybe some of the darker elements of the original Turtle comics.


Final Score 7/10

Tied with Secret of the Ooze as my personal favorites but nothing manged to top the first Turtles movie effort that just seemed to have everything going right at the right time. This movie should still be enjoyed for what it is and with the previous film not being necessary to understand this one i say give this one a go if your looking for some comedic action. I'll be taking a break from this regular schedule to hit up some cons and a vacation but when I return we are going to look a flick that different quite a bit from it source material.

Steven McGeorge