The Watchers Issues #25 TMNT (2007)

After a near 15 year cinema break the Turtles returned to the silver screen this time in animated form. I remember not liking this as much as I'd hoped seeing it in theaters when I was younger but revisiting it my thoughts have definitely changed.


The Story

I'm unsure if this movie attaches itself to any sort of Turtles timeline as there are small nods to both the previous films and animated series from both 1987 and 2003. It certainly doesn't waste anytime with origins or anything like that we get the origin of the villains of the movie which i will give them credit for trying something original but it probably wasn't the smartest idea for something that seemed like it was possibly a franchise rebooter. Immortal warlord Yaotl plans to capture 13 creatures from another dimension he once unleashed to undo his cursed immortality. The Turtles have to put aside differences and reunite to protect the city from the aforementioned creatures. There's a heavy emphasis on owning up to mistakes in this movie but the plot as a whole kind of takes a back seat to the typical action and puns.


The Cast

I think the films cast is overall a good fit and did a good job with voice acting. Most characters are portrayed by career voice actors but there are a few big names that stand out. Laurence Fishburne narrates the story that features a pre-Captain America Chris Evans as Casey Jones, Sarah Michelle Gellar as April O'neil, and Patrick Stewart as Yaotl. Frank Welker is back this time as one of Yaotl's generals. Also, Kevin Smith makes a cameo voicing a chef. Nobody's performance is a blow away but no one stands out as poor, some voices will be instantly recognizable and others you won't realize till you see the credits.


The Pizza

Since this movie is something different from the others i figured i'd make the pizza a little different as well. I don't think i have a brand preference when it comes to french bread pizza as long as you cook it right it will be enjoyable but it does seem to excel at scaulding your mouth even more so than regular pizza.


Closing Thoughts

While I wasn't the biggest fan of this movie when I first seen it, I think i might have been expecting more back then. Seeing it again for the first time since my initial viewing. It's okay I wouldn't say your missing anything but it's not a wasted viewing either. One thing that definitely sticks out is the soundtrack because it totally tells you what time its from but, the movie looks fine and the sound design is fantastic. While the plot might not be all that present, if your just looking for fun with the Turtles this movie can definitely provide that there are plenty of call backs to past Turtles puns and this movie definitely feels like it could have been the start of something especially with it's teaser of Shredder's return.


Final Score 6/10

Maybe a little low but there are definitely better Turtles movies. It's a better movie than Turtles 3 but If given a choice between the two Turtles 3 fits into that comedically bad category that makes me choose it over this one. Next time the special effects extravaganza begins and the Turtle face jokes return.

Steven McGeorge