The Watchers Issue #24 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3

The third move is often one too many for franchises and this is defintely the worst of the original Turtles trilogy but just how bad is it?


The Story

The only connection this movie has with the previous two other than the characters is the Turtles are now living in their new home base they discovered in the second movie. April brings back a time traveling scepter from a flea market causing her and the turtles to switch places in time with Kenshin and some of his fathers soldiers who come from feudal Japan. Mainly focusing on the turtles but it shows how each group adapts to their new surroundings.


The Cast

Another movie, another voice for Raphael but this one is closer to the original. Michelangelo and Leonardo still remain the same and Corey Feldman is back as Donatello which is nice to hear. Elias Koteas portrayal of Casey Jones is back and his interactions with the guys from feudal Japan are my favorite parts of the movie. On top of that he doubles by playing the character of Whit in the past. Splinter has changed but its not a very drastic difference. Paige Turco returns as April and does as good a job as she did in the second film. Stuart Wilson plays the crazy/evil English trader Walker not necessarily a phenomenal performance but he's definitely a character you will remember.


The Pizza

DiGiorno offers a lot more variety than most frozen pizza brands. The thin and crispy series happens to be on the smaller size (think a bit smaller than your average frozen pizza) Despite its smaller size the garden vegatable pizza is filled with flavor and whole the crust will get the crunch you come to expect with a thin crust pizza. The cheese gets soft but the vegetables don't get overly cooked so they still have some crunch as well.


Closing Thoughts

I was dreading re watching this but after seeing it again it isn't that bad. It definitely has its problems but I've sat through worse movies for Watchers before. I love the setting and the concept and the execution of it thought is meh. The effects definitely aren't as good in this movie as the first two films because All Effect Company handled them over Jim Henson's creature shop. Somehow the other turtles' faces have caught up to Donatello's weirdness from the second movie only for his to get even weirder. The mouth movements of the turtles in this look more like a robot than the much more natural looking stuff especially in the first film. There's a lot of "weird" going on in this movie and I don't just mean faces but odd things like turtle to human CPR and Michelangelo seemingly falling in love with a human girl when not much context to it exists. This movie also suffers from poor editing one of the clearest instances being Walker's death, when you watch it it's very clear it's unfinished or an accident because he falls into the ocean with no effect at all you hear a sound and see nothing. Maybe they should have just cut away so we only hear the splash.


Final Score 5/10

Definitely not up to par with the first two but probably not as bad as some people would lead you to believe. If your going to watch the old Turtles movies you might as well watch all of them. Next time will be the first Turtles movie I got to see in theaters and haven't seen since.

Steven McGeorge