The Watchers Issue #23 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze

How do you follow up on a comic book adaption that was great at the time and holds up better than most? Will Turtles 2 fall to the sequel curse?


The Story

Serving as both a sequel and an origin movie in some aspects. We learn the origins of the Ooze that cause the Turtles mutation and then bring about their newest enemy. Shredder has survived and is out for revenge. A lot less emphasis on the crime organization aspects in this one but with a different approach in the right ways its a good story continuation.


The Cast

There are some pretty major casting changes with people being replaced and characters just not being present at all. Sadly we are deprived of Elias Koteas as Casey Jones since for some reason he doesn't appear in the film at all.  Only half the Turtles while the in suit performers stayed mainly the same aide from a few changes the voice changes is what you will notice as half the Turtles have changed Raphael isn't too different but Donatello sticks out like a sore thumb because the change is quite drastic considering the last film had Corey Feldman in the role. Veteran actor David Warner as Professor Warner from TGRI gives an entertaining performance due to his character being "in another world" compared to all the chaos surrounding him. Eddie Reyes Jr who did some stunt work in the first film gets an actual role in this film as Keno who sits kind of in the Casey Jones position of being paired off with Raph he does a good job but the dynamic is different. Judith Hoag is replaced by Paige Turco in the role of April she isn't as prominently featured as in the first movie but this still feels like a down grade because the film doesn't portray the character in the same way as the first (it's not as close to the classic cartoon.) There are a few celebrity cameos as professional wrestler Kevin Nash appears in the Super Shredder costume and who could forget "Ninja Rap" by Vanilla Ice once you hear it once you know it for life. Last but certainly not least legendary voice actor Frank Welker voices Tokka and Rahzar the mutated snapping turtle and wolf shredder has created.


The Pizza

Of all the order out joints there are I frequent Pizza Hut the most and with a fresh coupon a large pepperoni and banana pepper pizza was a wonderful pairing for this movie. I haven't tried absolutely every thing they have to offer but, I definitely recommend sticking with classic marinara over the premium crushed tomato for your pizza sauce.


Closing Thoughts

I've always liked this movie about as much as the first one. There are some downgrades but you're more or less getting the same thing you got with the first film. It's not the best sequel ever but it certainly doesn't fall into the over flowing bucket of terrible ones. This movie isn't as dark as the first in more ways than one i already mentioned there being less of the crime aspect and the movie has a generally lighter tone. Also, it seems to have more day time scenes and I could be wrong but it just feels brighter most of the time. This movies influence did step into other areas of the Turtles franchise merchandise is one thing but Tokka and Rahzar even appeared in the Turtles in Time video game which is widely regarded as one of the best beat em' ups off all time. I do have to mention while for the most part the creature effects look about the same as the first film there's something weird going on with Donatello's head (watch the movie and its immediately noticeable.) Just about everything in this movie is a notch down from the last but it could have been worse. WAY worse.


Final Score 7/10

I might enjoy this movie about as much or maybe even a little more than the first but it's definitely not as good. Unfortunately third time is mos certainly not the charm with the next one.

Steven McGeorge