The Watchers Issue #21 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

This is the first movie I've reviewed for watchers that predates myself. I've probably seen this movie more times than any other I've reviewed but, how does it stand among them?


The Story

Taking inspiration from both early turtles comics and the 1987 cartoon series the movie contains a brief origin but focuses on the New York City crime wave carried out by the Foot organization led by Oroku Saki aka The Shredder. It does a good job taking things from the source material and making it easy to understand even for outsiders, with this movie releasing at the first peak of Turtles popularity I can't imagine too many people going into this not knowing what they were in for.


The Cast

The cast of is a bit hard to review as you have puppet heads, in suit actors once of which also had a stunt double, voices for the turtles and then, Asian actors whose voices were overdubbed (something I didn't know until doing this review). Big props to Josh Pais who voiced and suited up as Raphael in what was also his first movie. If we narrow it down to the voices for the turtles and the live actors I think this movie is perfectly casted. Even if Cory Feldman's voice sticks out its not because it doesn't fit, its because of how recognizable it is.


The Pizza

This wouldn't be a Turtles review if i didn't talk about the pizza consumed while watching the flick. Totino's is the go to cheap pizza that isn't the best but isn't the worst and if you are craving a Totino's there is nothing else like it. The crust, toppings and sauce are all above passable quality.


Closing Thoughts

I was shocked to find out this movie got generally mixed reviews but often times critics don't get things from geeky side of pop culture anyway. I enjoy this film every time I watch it and think it holds up wonderfully as there's not much in it to make it seem dated. This movie is definitely one of few that fueled my childhood obsession with New York City and i still get the same feelings today. While it might not be the huge budget effects ridden blockbuster the modern superhero movies are it's still a super fun and enjoyable movie for all ages and in my opinion one of the best comic book films ever.


Final Score 8/10

In my heart it deserves a 10 but it isn't the best film ever or anything like that but It really doesn't do anything wrong, but, this was only part one and next time we find out the "Secret of the Ooze."

Steven McGeorge