The Watchers Issue #19 BLOOD-C: The Last Dark Movie Review

With the way the series ended i got suckered into watching the movie because i wanted to see Fumito get what he deserved and see Saya finally find happiness....This movie gives you neither of those things instead teasing you and giving you almost what you want like dangling a treat in front of a dog.

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The Story

6 months after the events of BLOOD-C, An Elder Bairn attack brings Saya out of the shadows and gives her a lead on her hunt for Fumito. She ends up teaming with a group of hackers trying to take down an organization led by Fumito that has enacted internet and curfew regulations. The hackers are lead by Kuroto Mogari a cousin of Fumito who wants also wants Fumito dead because he killed his family. Saya becomes somewhat close with one of the hackers named Mana who she rescues from an Elder Bairn. Eventually the hackers find the location of Fumito's secret head quarters. Once Saya fights her way to the final showdown we find out Mana's missing father was turned into the Elder Bairn who attacked her and Kuroto has been working with Fumito the whole time to lure out Saya. The two turn on each other with Fumito turning Kuroto into an Elder Bairn with a vile of Saya blood because apparently her blood can infect humans. Fumito fuses with Kuroto's Elder Bairn form in some of the most out of place CGI you will ever see. Saya quickly disposes of him having her final confrontation with Fumito who walks onto her sword killing himself revealing that Saya has won their wager but its all in vain as since Fumito had become an Elder Bairn which he did to try and become more like Saya and he wanted to free of her oath against killing humans. Yeah, that last part gets a bit confusing and honestly comes off as stupid and feels like Saya can never truly win. Saya is sadded by being one of the last Elder Bairn left (yes apparently) because BLOOD-C can't ever do anything without screwing it up. A year and a half later the hacker group is still living and working together not knowing the fate of Kuroto or even that he was secretly evil the whole time and they are unaware of Saya's whereabouts. Mana sends a message out online of Saya's description hoping someone can lead her to her. We see Saya resuming a life in the shadows.  

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The Cast

Alexis Tipton continues doing a stellar job as Saya and the cast of hackers are all enjoyable as well but we don't get enough time with them. Praise for them though as the characters have more personality than Saya's "friends" did in the original series. Having Jad Saxton as Mana is nice because she always does a great job bringing characters to life.


Closing Thoughts

It's better than the series but it doesn't fix the "why" problem and you also would understand nothing about it without watching the series first. They give Saya's character more depth but also just raise more questions about her we still have no idea why she made the pact against killing humans and why is she so affected by Fumito's revelations that she just runs away from everything. If shes supposed to be an Elder Bairn why is their blood the only thing that fuels her powers? I can't buy Saya as a human slayer as she formed friendships while brainwashed in the series and clearly begins to care for the hackers in the movie. They tease a relationship between Saya and Mana throughout the film and when it's just abandoned after the final battle it's a slap in the face. Saya is almost superhero like with the way she protects humans from the Elder Bairn so I don't see how Saya as the guardian of humanity couldn't have been played on. All because of some possible vendetta she maybe holds against humans for a pact that was never elaborated on? Why would she become so close to Mana if this hatred of humanity existed? Saya didn't need to save people from the Elder Bairns she need to save them from the god awful writers. Why couldn't Saya just give Fumito what was coming to him head back to the Mana and the others explain what happened and if she has to head off and do her own thing i could live with that. Better yet why not just state that if she can no longer feed shes destined to have her lifespan become shorter and shorter letting her finally settle down and even pursue a relationship with Mana since they really wanted to put that up front. The film does continue the with the series great score and sound and the visuals are even better aside from the jarring CGI. The film would be so much stronger if they didn't screw it up in the final act but just like the series that had to make it a spectacular wipeout on the final turn  of the track. Apparently most of those who worked on the series were not involved with the film except for the main writers, yeah....thanks for keeping them. Pour one out for Saya a diamond of a character unfortunately hammered into a brick of anything bad you wouldn't reach into to grab the gem, because it's just not worth it when the diamond turns out to be a cubic zirconia due to unfulfilled promise and bad writing.


Final Score: 2/10

It does so much right and could have been a great redemption story especially if they had been smart enough to make it a standalone film. I suppose I asked for this when I said the next Watchers had to be something horrible. This was a new low especially for anime issues so let's give anime a nicely deserved rest. Next up will for sure be a comic movie. Will I leave the sewers or will it end up being just another stinker?

Steven McGeorge