The Watchers Issue #18: BLOOD-C Series Review

First off i wasn't even planning to do an Anime review for my next Watchers but after my longest sleep in awhile I woke up early and decided to watch an anime front to back with no intentions of reviewing it. Then it was so bad I couldn't leave it alone. A random choice turned into the worst Anime I've seen yet. Fair warning there will be heavy spoilers.


The Story

Saya Kisaragi is a normal schoolgirl/shrine maiden by day and a huntress who kills the blood thirsty Elder Bairns by night with her sacred blade, or at least that's the case before the entire show shifts and we discover Saya is actually an ancient creature herself whose origins are still left unknown. Seemingly normal Fumito Nanahara who is actually behind everything strange going on has made a wager with Saya claiming he can change who she is permanently and we come to find out everything we've seen is a trick supposedly under the guise of a movie to get others to participate as he observes Saya. Tons of blood is spilled and only 3 characters make it out with Saya's quest for vengeance on Fumito going unfulfilled.


The Cast

Alexis Tipton does a great job playing both sides of Saya and unfortunately that's where my praise for the cast ends because while most of it is passable, the story just makes it so hard to care about the characters because they're either unlikable or dead before you have a chance to care but then they aren't actually dead because it was all a ruse but then they actually do end up getting killed after their true characters are revealed except for now they're getting what they deserve so you care even less. If that seems like a mess its because it is.


Closing Thoughts

The scenes we get showing Saya and Fumito's "agreement" are the only lead in as to why this is happening nothing is said about why Fumito wants to study Saya other than that he's interested in her. When the plot twist occurs and we see longer versions of previous scenes it just comes off as terrible. Why were we shown lies? When one of Saya's friends are killed by a Elder Bairn and Saya in return slays the beast, why do we initially see her crying and grieving when in actuality she was drinking the blood of the Elder Bairn because that's how she survives? Could they just not show us that and figure out a way to work it into the story in any other way? If the Elder Bairns have been around for ages and that's why they have an agreement with the humans i can accept that without much elaboration but why is Saya supposedly sworn to an oath against killing humans? Why are there things involving the main character that go unexplained? That's the ultimate description of BLOOD-C "Why". While full of problems its not all bad as this has the best sound design of any anime I've heard? The score is phenomenal doing a stellar job setting the mood and invoking emotion. The opening and ending themes are also very memorable. The action and violence is cranked to 11 and it's all animated beautifully. The biggest atrocity BLOOD-C commits is giving a great lead character nothing to work with the rest of the show is a mess but Saya is so likable, interesting and badass it almost makes it worth it, that's why when everything is revealed as a farce and she starts getting vengeance only to have it cut short you feel robbed.  Then you see her bandage her wound and head off on her quest with a new level of seriousness and you're all ready to see her finally take down Fumito and that's how they suck you into movie....

BLOOD-C - 03 - Large 13.jpg

Final Score: 1/10

BLOOD-C may have some redeeming qualities but it takes so much potential and dumps all over it so bad it deserves that shameful rating.

Steven McGeorge