The Watchers Issue #12 Green Lantern (2011) Extended Cut Review

A little more delayed than I hoped but I kept my promise with Green Lantern being my next review. I didn't see this when it came out and had only seen it once previously somewhere around 3 years ago. I remember thinking it was very meh. Did my opinion change after a second viewing? Kinda.


The Story

It's an origin movie, so you know what you're getting for the most part. Dramatic life changes, flashbacks, and lore. The pacing of the movie is fine it never feels like it dragging or that things are coming out of nowhere, but the plot itself has some issues not so much hole wise as it does lame wise. The lantern mythology isn't completely butchered but the things that are changed don't really benefit the film. The villains aren't great and the choice of villains is definitely just bad. They adapted the version of Hector Hammond that was current at the time of the movie but the whole love triangle plot point just doesn't hook me and feels like that's the only way they thought they could make the villain work. Also making an entity just a standard villain who is pretty easily disposed of no, just no. The changing of the lore really doesn't make sense considering that the excellent Geoff Johns Green Lantern run was going on during the time of the films release so adapting a story from that would have been a much smarter choice.


The Cast

No one does an outstanding job in the movie because every character seems to be filling a cliched role, most characters are featured in very small supporting roles but I wouldn't say any of them do a terrible or great job they did what they were supposed to do. The casts big 3 being Blake Lively as Carol Ferris,  Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond, and Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. Blake Lively is alright, but Carol Ferris is too much of the concerned girlfriend in this. Maybe I'm just used to seeing her as Star Sapphire but she almost exists as more of a plot point than a character. Peter Sarsgaard is enjoyable, his facial expressions are great and even though the deformed head makes me laugh he manged to still project some good emotions while looking stupid. Ryan Reynolds was likely chosen for many reasons but I remember when this was first shown thinking he looked good as the character, and he makes a good Hal character wise as well, at least as far as what this movie gave him to work with goes.


Closing Thoughts

This movieis about the most middle of the road as I think a super hero movie can get it's equally parts bad and parts good. The CGI definitely does not look good and never did so this movie is only going to continue to age poorly in that regard. However, this movie isn't bad on the levels where i feel like i wasted my time with it, but I also probably wouldn't watch it again over many other comic book films. It definitely made me consider how much I actually enjoyed other ones. It's not DC's best film but its not the worst either.



Steven McGeorge