The Watchers Issue #10: Fantastic 4 (2015) Review

As promised the Ken led watchers launches with the Fantastic 4 from 2015. Is this movie bad? Yes. Is it as bad as some would lead you to believe? Probably. Have I seen worse? Definitely.

The Story

The story is pretty standard for what i would expect as far as origin stories go but, I’ll agree with the critics and say slow and kinda dull. The characters don’t gain their powers till about 40 minutes into the movie and sadly the movie dives from there. Our “Heroes” enslaved by the government in a secret program….pretty boring and forced. One of the worst things about this film story wise is the lack of “heroics” from the characters. They don’t really do anything until the final act which is pretty anticlimactic, the pacing of the movie goes from very slow to full throttle the second “Doom” shows up. Doctor Doom might be the worse part of this movie both Doctor Doom and The Thing are running around naked post transformation which just looks awkward and for some reason Doom is turning everyone into jell-o. There really isn’t much fighting or action sequences for a superhero film either. I would say this feels like a teen movie with super heroes but that would be an insult to things like Arrow that air on a teen network.

The Cast

I understand completely why people hated the casting of this movie the characters have about as much depth as a penny being filled with an eyedropper. The acting is very up and down because for the casual scenes it's fine but when there should be serious emotions they just aren’t there. I can't particularly complain about anyone's performance but Kate Mara is probably the best of the fantastic 4’s performances. Tim Blake Nelson is always a great actor and even though this movie stinks his performance does not he’s got that presence and attitude only someone like him can project.

Closing Thoughts

Nothing musically in this movie stands out it’s either so subtle and quiet it's not there or it actually wasn't there because i don't remember any of it. The special effects of this movie are very bad for modern superhero standards almost as bad as Green Lantern (Hint,Hint). Fox had an excellent opportunity to relaunch this franchise and revitalize it the same way the did with the X-men but it missed badly. I think the first half of this movie is okay but the second act is just dreadful so half a bad movie already knocks it down halfway on the score slate but some of its flaws bring it down further. 3 out of 10, and that’s more generous than you’ll get from most.

Final Score 3/10

Steven McGeorge