The Watchers: Issue #8: Logan Review

Hey there movie fans,

So Logan has been out for a couple weeks now, and I have had the opportunity to see it twice in theatres. Since the film has been out for awhile, this review is going to have spoilers. You have been warned. We will go through the things I loved, the things I didn't, how it relates to the source material, and my overall feelings on the movie. 

The Good

So, I feel the first thing that needs to said about this film is the cinematography is amazing. It beautifully combines elements of western, noir, and action. The tone is felt from the very beginning of the opening credits, and it doesn't waiver at all through the film. The shots used are beautiful and keeps the viewer engaged.

Everyone knows that this is the last portrayal of Wolverine by Hugh Jackman, and he definitely delivers. The performance is excellent, and for my money is the best we have seen Jackman. However, he is not the only one on screen that delivers a wonderful performance. Patrick Stewert plays a tragic version of Professor X fighting mental illness, Dafne Keen's debut performance on the big screen as Laura/X-23 steals the show, and Boyd Holbrook plays Donald Pierce, a villain I spent the film loving to hate. The cast is by large fantastic, and I found myself actually sad that due to the nature of the film, we won't be able to see many returns from these actors. 

The action is choreographed wonderfully and stays away from the stereotype of terrible shaky-cam during fight sequences. With the film being R-Rated, the violence is brutal and gory, but never crosses the line into gratuitous. Scenes with Logan are slower and really depict the aged Wolverine of the movie, while Laura is acrobatic and dynamic, killing enemies with speed we have never seen from her veteran counterpart.

The story is engaging and dynamic, full action, heartbreak, and moments of humour, paced out expertly. The ending is satisfying and absolutely devastating emotionally, watching Logan find a sense of family in Laura in his dying moments, paralleling the death of Professor X earlier in the film. The first time I saw the film, it was with three of my groomsmen, and we all were crying openly as soon as Laura uttered the word "daddy." It was the best story to an X-Men movie yet, and one of the best stories in a superhero movie to date.

The Bad

I'll be honest, there is not a lot of bad for me to talk about. The first time I watched it, I walked out saying it was a perfect movie, and the guys with me agreed. The second time I saw it, the first half hour dragged a little bit, but I personally am going to chalk that up to seeing it twice in the same week. The second time I saw it, my fiancee came along, and her complaints were all prefaced by "I know this wasn't my kind of movie. I knew walking in I wasn't going to like it." Her biggest complaint was about the father-daughter relationship between Logan and Laura, stating that it felt forced by the end. I personally don't agree, but my opinion isn't the only one that matters, so there you go.

The only negative thing I noticed was a plot hole regarding how Laura avoided capture in the hotel when Pierce found the nurse. It isn't inconceivable to say that Laura hid or ran away, but it was never really explained.

The Comics

The movie is obviously loosely inspired by Old Man Logan, but it deviates enough that you can't really draw direct comparisons between the two. Logan's reduced healing factor is mentioned in the OML story, but it is an idea that has been played with a lot over the years. The idea that Logan is being poisoned by the adamantium coating his bones has also been talked about a lot, most recently in the Death of Wolverine storyline. Laura wasn't in the OML story, and she appeared as a girl in her teens as opposed to a small child.

In the movie, the characters refer to an event where Professor X had a seizure associated with what appears to be Alzheimers, and killed the remainder of the X-Men team. In the OLM story, Logan actually kills the team under the illusion of Mysterio.

The film combined aspects of enough different stories to create something that felt new and fresh, rather than a stale retelling of something comics fans have read a million times.


Frankly, I loved this movie. It may be one of the best movies I have seen in theatres in my lifetime, and one of my favourite comic films to date. Logan was a masterpiece of writing, acting, and directorial vision, and is the perfect send off for Jackman and his career as everyone's favourite Canadian mutant. I love this movie, and will watch it again as soon as it comes out on BluRay.

I give this film 10 snikts out of 10.

What did you think of Logan? Let us know!