The Watchers Issues #7: The Lego Batman Movie Review

Quite the departure in tone from DC's typical theatrical offerings The Lego Batman Movie is definitely an odd duck but with that being said, SEE THIS MOVIE. Any Batman fan or child will be entertained by this version of Bats. While there is plenty of what you'd expect from kids movies there's also things just for adults such as a few jokes and moments. If you're a Batman fan though there's references to all things Batman through out this movie from jokes about Batman's cinema blunders to taking things directly from the classic Adam West TV series and putting them in Lego form.

When first seeing the cast of this movie i definitely thought there were some odd choices but i have no complaints, I enjoyed all the characters in the movie. There's also a ton of cameo voices you're likely to miss until you see the name in the end credits. As expected Batman is the best part of this movie but the supporting cast does an excellent job entertaining as well. One of my favorite things about this movie is the animation of Clayface i just thought he looked really cool. The only complaint I have is there's no post credits sequence when i was really expecting Batman to make a joke about them.

One thing you'll definitely wonder is how they secured how many non DC characters as guests in this movie but, you'll have to check it out to see for yourself. If you've ever wanted a movie where Batman sings his own theme song while kicking the bricks out of super villains, Robin freestyle raps, and learn the greatest fear can only be snake clowns then look no further. Oh, and if you're playing roulette remember ALWAYS BET ON BLACK. 

Steven McGeorge