The Watchers Issue #14 Basilisk Review

After the last review i promised something good. How good? How about near perfection. An anime based on a manga based on a book inspired by actual history and other stories. How does something adapted that many times turn out so good when some companies can't even adapt something from page to screen witchout turning it into a butcher shop.


The Story

To put it shorty, this is Romeo and Juliet with ninja's and a higher body count. The Kouga and Iga ninja clans had been at war for ages before a government enforced truce stopped the killing. Real peace seems to have finally come when the heirs to both clans leadership fall in love and are prepared to marry when the government lifts the truce in a sick game of power. 10 names from each clan are placed on a list and which ever clan kills the others opposing warriors first the political hopefuls who bet on that clan will seize power. The story is well crafted, it's paced very well and every scene feels important. While most 1 season anime are 12 episodes Basilisk doubles it up and there isn't a dull episode to be found.


The Cast

Since this was licensed by Funimation you get some of the best and most well known English voice actors out there. Fans will recognize actors like Christopher Sabat, Eric Vale and Laura Bailey. Monica Rial also voices a character as she somehow ends up in almost every anime I've ever watched. I'm usually not one to complain about voice acting and I watch both dubs and subs but this has to be one of the best dubbings Funimation has ever done.


Closing Thoughts

I have no opinion on what the "best anime of all time is" that's simply way to hard and there's so many no one could ever watch them all especially with how much new stuff is pumped out each year. However, this is indisputably my favorite anime I've seen yet. I don't like absolutely everything about it but any problems I have with it are personal opinions and not actual flaws with the show. If I could choose any property to be adapted into a fighting game it would definitely be this. If I was to pick one anime over any others to show someone it's this one. Seriously I can't recommend this anime enough for those who haven't seen it and if you have already its time to re-watch it because it's getting a sequel! That's right HYPE overload.


Final Score 10/10

Yeah, it really is that good. I went into this knowing nothing and have since traced it back to its roots and enjoyed it numerous times. From my favorite anime of all-time to my favorite anime of 2017 check out the next issue for another great reccomendation.

Steven McGeorge