The Watchers Issue #16: Justice League Movie Review


If you wanted a fun DC movie that makes you get hyped and smile then you're in luck and you will love Justice League. DC's newest blockbuster might have been hit by the usual critical panning their cinematic universes films have received but ignore that mumbo jumbo this movie is a good time for everyone in the family. The story is definitely filled with hints of whats to come in DC's cinematic future.


I didn't have high expectations for some of the casting but I was more than glad to be proven wrong. Everyone is wonderful in their roles. If DC was trying to make casual fans realize how cool Aquaman can be then they definitely nailed it Jason Momoa is awesome and he has some good one liners. Ezra Miller does a heavy amount of comedic relief and is enjoyable as this excitable version of The Flash. It took some getting used to hear a new voice coming from Cyborg but Ray Fischer does the character "justice". Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill continue to rule the roles of the Trinity. Also even though the roles is rather minimal I still love Jeremy Irons as Alfred and J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon.  


If you were debating rather or not to see this movie you definitely should the changes to the DC tone from the previous movies are enough for people who didn't enjoy the previous films to enjoy this one but also not drastic enough to alienate fans who enjoyed the the others. There's enough action, comedy and a wonderful amount of character chemistry that should satisfy comic fans from die hard to casual.

Steven McGeorge