The Watchers Issue #15: Saga of Tanya the Evil Review

As with Basilisk my love for this series runs deep and just like Basilisk it was something I discovered through Anime and can now trace back because the source material is getting translated and released in english!


The Story

A 21st century Business man is punished by "God" for being a genuinely horrible person and lacking faith sending us into the world of Tanya when in a show of power "Being X"  as it has come to be called, reincarnated the man into a little girl in an alternate reality of the first World War. In an effort to prove "Being X" isn't as great as it claims Tanya sets out to become the greatest solider the world has ever seen at the age of 9. We are soon treated to a world of political mind games and war time strategies that envelop the brain and immerse you into its world. 


The Cast

To say Monica Rial steals the show here would be an understatement, as the shows lead character she simply knocks the role out of the park making Tanya von Degurechaff feel exactly like the "heartless" being she's supposed to be. Jeannie Tirado is also excellent as Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov who provides a perfect contrast to her superior officers dark side. Anson Sioux voiced by Jarrod Greene gives you a character you really wanna see get what's coming to him. The rest of the cast is a mix of soldiers and the political types mainly Generals and the cast brings them to life well making their conversations feel like real war talk. Also gotta love Doctor Adelheid von Schugel he's nuts and wonderfully enjoyable.


Closing Thoughts

I always found old war history to be fascinating and Saga of Tanya the Evil takes the first World War and gives it the right amount of fantasy elements and twists to make it something special. It may just be the Villain Sympathizer of Omniverse in me but while Tanya is considered to be "Evil" and a "Villain" I have to disagree sure she goes to some extreme lengths in some cases but looking at things that were done in actual wars she looks rather nice in comparison. There's also a few scenes that show she isn't as villainous and demonic as she makes herself seem, her relationship with Viktoriya alone show shes capable of compassion. Sometimes Tanya is forced to make tough decisions and it makes you think about how you might handle the situations yourself. There are some things I feel could be done better, as a secondary main character Viktoriya isn't in as large of a role as she should be. I'm not saying she should necessarily be the Robin to Tanya's Batman but her influence on Tanya has shown that they do rub off on each other in a effective way so I'd like to see more downtime interaction between them. The only other major issue I have with the series is how open the ending is and it's because so far there's no promise of a second season even though we've been introduced to Tanya's next adversary Anson's daughter, Mary......Yeah.....Mary Sioux. Still fingers crossed that we can travel to the Fatherland for another season.


Final Score 9/10

Falling a bit under Basilisk on the greatness scale because it has somethings to fix but if we are lucky enough to see season 2 I expect greatness as season 1 just continued to build momentum and get better and better. However the time for an anime break has come, DC's next sure to be polarize has hit the big screen and Its calling my name so check back soon for the Justice League review!

Steven McGeorge