The Watchers Issue #13 Catwoman (2004) Review

Wow, this took a bit longer than I though but gathering my thoughts after watching this was a bit hard.  I knew this movie was pretty poorly received but I had never seen it or really read anything about it. So I gave it ago and to me this movie defines the statement "What am I watching?" more than any movie I've "experienced" for The Watchers so far.


The Story

Take pretty much everything you know about Catwoman as a character and just toss it because this is pretty much only Catwoman in name only and by that I mean only the anti hero's persona because "Selina Kyle" is nowhere to be seen. Instead we get Patience Phillips, the film doesn't benefit or falter from this choice but its a bit pointless. Patience goes from working to killed to revived pretty quickly, most of the movie shes trying to keep her lives as Patience and Catwoman a separate thing especially with the love interest involved since that's one of the main plot points of the film the only other being her going after revenge on the people who had her killed.


The Cast

If I'm going to give this movie any praise it will be that most of the cast doesa good job at playing their characters. Halle Berry makes Patience's transition into Catwoman believable.  Benjamin Bratt gives a pretty run of the mill cop performance as Tom Lone. Frances Conroy as Ophelia Powers is a cool lore teller and Alex Borstein as Sally isnt a plague on a moive that the "friend" character can sometimes be. However, Lambert Wilson and Sharon Stone and George and Laurel Hedare are almost like comic relief with how bad some of their scenes are. I know Wilson isn't American but his whole performance seems robotic and emotionless. Stone is just an unbelievable villain she just not projecting anything sinister and the scene where she is supposed to be faking sadness, instead of looking like someone trying to do that it just looks like horrible acting.


Closing Thoughts

Wikipedia lists this as being "loosely based" the DC Comics character and "loosely based" is right. However this also appears on the Wikipedia page for films considered the "Worst Film of All-Time" well its not THAT bad. This movies biggest problem is how often its tone changes, that's not to say it can't be done well but this movie constantly changes what kind of feelings its trying to stir in the viewer. One of the reasons is its soundtrack, the random hip hop and pop songs thrown in the middle of whats basically a nonexistent score just clash with the visuals, the movie never feels serious because of what you're hearing vs what you're seeing. The camerawork and CGI certainly don't do this movie any favors either and don't even get me started on the horrible costume design.



Preview next up is the first Anime issue of The Watchers and I think I've taken a bite out of enough sewage sandwiches lately so we will start with something good but don't worry there definitely 2 supposed Marvel atrocities I've never seen that will soon grace my eyeballs.

Steven McGeorge