The Watchers: Issue #6 - Suicide Squad Review

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KenFromSF here to throw myself at the mercy of the internet and review DC’s latest big screen blockbuster. This one seems to be about as polarizing a BVS. I can say this I was there opening night just like with BVS and I’ve never seen a theater as packed as it was for Suicide Squad that being said most people looked like they knew next to nothing and were there for Joker and Harley.

While i am willing to defend this movie to a degree I’m not going to full on throw myself into the line of fire like i did with BVS because it definitely isn’t as good. That being said it’s not the Fantastic 4 reboot either.

Spoiler free as always because form your own opinions people. My expectations going in were everyone takes a backseat to Joker and Harley and while Joker isn’t in the movie that much his presence is definitely a big distraction. I expected Deadshot to have a large role with Will Smith taking on the role but WOW if everything in this movie isn’t about Harley then it’s about him.

All the characters are given a small about of backstory except for the 3 previously mentioned who get much more than the others. Then there is the sub-plot which does majorly tie the movie together. It revolves around Rick Flag and his romance with June Moone who is the vessel of the Enchantress.

Complaints come first and i do have a handful but there are plenty of positives as well. I already mentioned how much attention Joker and Harley get but for some reason the origins of Harley and Joker are way later in the film then they should be also there’s a scene that looks like it belongs in a drug trip movie, when you see it you’ll know. Something else you’ll need to see before you’ll understand what i mean is apparently the villains of Gotham City are pimps. In this universe Joker values Harley much more than he does in the comics especially the more recent comics. Probably didn’t want to deal with the bad press of showing a violent relationship bu then again a different scene in the movie kind of nullifies that thought. Last complaint contains a minor spoiler but, there is a big moment involving Katana’s sword being used and it should have been Katana’s big moment but instead Harley is shoehorned into it. While the build up to the moment works to have a huge sword attack scene and it not be by Katana makes me sad.

Onto the positives many of the other characters are enjoyable. Enchantress does some crazy stuff that looks cool and she has a very dominant and commanding presence. Captain Boomerang is a total comic relief character but he is entertaining. I wasn’t expecting 1 liners from Killer Croc but I’m glad they existed. I don’t know much about the character of El Diablo but he did some pretty cool stuff and has a pretty crazy big moment in the movies climax. Finally, the one thing i wanted the most from this movie the most was Katana to be badass and I mostly got what i wanted, she got to do some sweet sword action and they touched on her tragic backstory.

This movie actually has alot of performances i enjoyed. Will Smith is basically just doing the standard Will Smith it’s what you would expect from a character played him. As someone who isn’t a huge Joker and Harley fan the performances by Jared Leto and Margot Robbie did make me dislike the characters so i guess they did a good job? Viola Davis is a damn good Amanda Waller she’s a total bitch just like she should be. Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag is surprisingly good for a role that had to be re-cast though i would like to have seen what Tom Hardy would have done. As i said before i didn’t know much about El Diablo but i enjoyed Jay Hernandez performance. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje plays Killer Croc who doesn’t really say much so not much to discuss with his performance. Cara Delevingne takes on two roles while June Moone isn’t on screen much her performance as Enchantress is enjoyable she’s got a certain amount of creepiness going on that seals the deal. Karen Fukahara was the second live action Katana and her look is excellent as is her performance although she isn’t in as much of the movie as i hoped she would be. She does exclusively speak Japanese which is a total wrinkle from the rest of the cast. Apparently this is her first movie role which makes it more impressive to me. There’s a few cameos from Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Ezra Miller is in Flash costume for a few seconds on screen so you get a decent look at his design.

Suicide Squad is far from perfect but it’s still worth seeing. A good movie that has too much holding it back for it to be great. But if you’re looking for a fun and entertaining action flick this should quench your thirst even if it is lacking in Jean Claude Van Damme mullet awesomeness.

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-KenFromSF and The Omniverse Crew

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