The Watchers: Issue #5 - Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Hello G1’s

KenFromSF here to throw myself at the mercy of the internet and review DC’s latest big screen blockbuster and the opinions on the movie have been about as polarizing as an argument between fanboys over who would win this clash of DC titans.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice released last week and I was there opening night ready to have a good time and see an awesome show, needless to say I was far from disappointed and its was actually one of my favorites ranking up with Captain American: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Obviously I’m going to keep this spoiler free as I am a firm believer that you should watch before you judge, Now I will admit the movie starts out slow and has some slower moments but not every superhero movie needs to be a carbon copy of the other and I don’t see why people want watch, rinse, repeat. Give me something new! Well my wish was granted and we got the first great DC movie in quite sometime.

The movie clearly draws upon the classic comics of Batman: The Dark Kinght Returns and Superman: The Death of Superman don’t think that it copies them perfectly because it only takes inspiration from them. I would say being familiar with the stories could help you understand certain things better and you might enjoy it more but its definitely not required.

Now I do have some complaints because that’s what you all want to hear right? The movie puts little too much focus on Lois Lane, and even though its not hard to follow I guess I can see where the dream scenes and flashbacks might confuse people. The biggest complaint I have is that DC isn’t tying their movies into their shows which is more of a DC complaint hen one about this movie but C’mon! I have a lot more Cheers to give than Jeers. Doomsday was awesome and destructive although of course not every one will be satisfied because the movie changed some things. The action sequences with Batman were probably the best fighting Batman has gotten to do in a live action appearance. Most if not all the complaints about Batman that try to claim they screwed him up are wrong as you can find examples of things people complained throughout Batman’s vast back catalog and other Batman media.

Anyone doubting Ben Affleck will be pleasantly surprised as he does a good job playing a veteran Bruce Wayne/Batman. Jeremy Iron’s Alfred was very enjoyable he didn’t have a massive amount of screen time but his smart ass take on the character was great and the comments he makes throughout the movie provide a good laugh. Gal Gadot’s take on Diana Prince/Wonder Woman was enjoyable you can tell by the way she carries herself she knows she’s a badass. Some people might have complaints because its not a traditional take on the character but in my opinion Jessie Eisenberg steals this movie as Lex Luthor he plays a great lunatic that really brings the whole movie together. The film does a good job setting up for what’s going to grow into DC’s movieverse.

I found the movies story line intriguing and I enjoyed most of it. If you don’t want to see it then don’t but if you enjoy a good superhero movie its worth your time but be warned it is one of the longest ones out there. As I said never be afraid to form your own opinion.

Until next time G1’s

-KenFromSF and The Omniverse Crew

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