The Watchers: Issue #2 - "Deadpool" Review

Hello ladies and gents!

The much anticipated debut of Deadpool on the big screen has come out (don't you dare mention Origins...), and I had the pleasure of watching it last week. In this post, I will be reviewing the film, complete with spoilers, so beware if you haven't seen it. I'll talk about the highlights, the shortcomings, the loyalty to the comics, and everything else. This is just my opinion. so take it as you will. Without further ado, lets do this!

First, lets start with the rating. It has been said a lot, but this film is NOT FOR CHILDREN. I don't care what you have heard about kids being brought to the film, it is rated R for a reason. It has brutal violence, course language, nudity, and mature themes. My fiancée described it as “vulgar”.

That being said (and my fiancée agrees with this), these things don't feel like they are thrown in for shock value. The language feels natural, like people who swear would naturally speak. The violence fits the characters and the circumstances they are in. The nudity is not gratuitous or obscene, but fits the circumstances and the development of the characters. That is one of the biggest strengths of the movie. It could have easily steamrolled out of control, but this was clearly a movie that NEEDED to be R-Rated, rather than a movie that DECIDED to be.

The film is hilarious. Genuinely hilarious. From the trailers, it is totally understandable for someone to assume the whole movie is based on potty humour, but it truly isn’t. There are clever jokes, witty comments, and smoothly integrated meta-humour. My side legitimately hurt from laughing at points. The movie doesn’t lean on humour as a crutch though. There are good story development moments, and emotionally charged sections. You feel the pain of the characters, their joy, and the hardship of characters.


Character interactions feel natural, and not forced. Wade and Vanessa are a realistic couple, rather than a cheesy movie one. They aren’t two passionate, romantically charged characters, pushed forward by a plot. They are weird, sexually deviant, and damaged people, that naturally fit together. “Your crazy fits my crazy” is a quote from the movie that explains them perfectly. It is a refreshing breath of air in a genre of film that has been home to many forced character dynamics.

The plot is not grand, or even really consequential. There is no greater purpose to the journey of Deadpool, merely a tale of vengeance. While I feel like this matches the character, I would have liked a story that felt like it mattered more in the grand scheme of the Fox-Marvel Universe. The plot is probably the weakest point in the movie, but how it is handled is well done.

The final battle feels out of place. It is by far the most visually spectacular part of the movie, to the point were it feels like it would be more in place in an MCU movie than a Fox movie that had its budget cut at the last moment. This section took me out of the movie slightly, going from stunt-heavy scenes, to one with huge pieces of collapsing scenery and explosions. Just felt out of place.

Lets wrap this up by looking at the things that the film changed from the comics:

  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead is a telepath in the comics, but the film makes her out to be a female version of Cannonball
  • Angel Dust is a teenage mutant in the comics, but an adult product of experiments in the film
  • Weasel is a techie who creates Deadpool’s teleportation tech in the comics, but the film makes him a witty bartender
  • Deadpool has no obvious superhuman strength or speed in the film, definitely not to the extent he has in the comics
  • Ajax was a technologically improved villain, not a mutant as in the film

By and large, the film is pretty loyal to the comics, even ripping whole sequences from Way’s run on the character.

Honestly, this film is probably my favourite from the Fox-Marvel productions. It is a nice change from the genre that is slowly becoming stale and oversaturated. I loved this, and hope that its massive success will motivate Marvel to take more risks with films (c’moooooooon Moon Knight!). If you are of age, not offended by violence, sex, and language, definitely check this movie out.

What did you think of the film? Let me know in the comics!

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