Top 15 Most Evil Characters in Comics

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Well, we have reached the end of Villains' Month. I know you are all disappointed, and so are we! This month has been so much fun for us as writers and creators, but we are also a little glad to get away from the doom and gloom for a little bit. Renegade won't take of his hood, Ken has his evil laugh perfected, Marco keeps calling everyone "scum", and Cade has been missing for 3 days.

HOWEVER, we weren't going to let this month go by without getting everyone together on one massive project. We all spent many a night hunched over a computer, reading through comics, and summoning evil spirits (as research of course) to create our list of the top 15 most evil villains in all of comics! We did this by taking the top 5 from each category (Marvel, DC, and Manga), then getting together to come up with an order overall. This was based off of our opinions, so don't get discouraged if your pick isn't on the list.

Without further ado, here we go!

15. Kyubey

Do not let this small and innocent alien being fool you, as it’s intentions are even more twisted as cute as they look. Incubators sent from outer space, these beings meant to preserve the universe from entropy, seek on our planet small little girls, who are granted wishes as long as they sign a contract, to convert them into magical girls. This might not seem harmful at the beginning, but as the story develops, the “witches” they’re assigned to kill on their contract end up being magical girls as well, who fell under this contract, destined to hunt on each other in order to keep the world and the universe safe, this happens on a vicious cycle that can’t be stopped.

14. Young Toguro

This fighter’s ambition for unlimited strength and driven by vengeance made him wish to be converted to a demon like the one who murdered his students. Classified as a B-Class demon, Toguro entered the most recent Dark Tournament with the sole purpose of showing superiority as a previous champion above other kinds of fighters, whether they’re humans or demons. Eating the soul of every single enemy he faces, as well as attendants of the Dark Tournament in order to keep his demonic power from decreasing, his desire for power true drove him to wish getting killed by a human, Yusuke Urameshi, at full strength, even if he had to manipulate the events happening at the tournament, killing one of his friends to unlock his true potential. He meets his end as he wished, being overwhelmed by the powers of Yusuke.

13. Kaguya Tsutsuki

Mother of Chakra, the one who eat the Chakra fruit and used her power given by the it to to all humans in order to accomplish peace. Treated like the deity she was, got driven by power and hence, her vision of the perfect world twisted. Using the very own power she created, her goal to change the world by using chakra, inducing every single human being into an eternal sleep until their life’s end.

12. Scarecrow

Jonathan Crane was the son of, fear obsessed, Dr. Crane and was the guinea pig of his father’s fear experiments. When his Father died of a heart attack during one of his experiments, Jonathan was left trapped in a darkened test chamber for days. This led to a traumatized childhood and made Jonathan himself become obsessed with controlling fear. Using his victims as test subjects as he worked to perfect his fear toxin gas which makes them hallucinate their worst fears.

11. Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra’s Al Ghul has been around for hundreds of years, manipulating world events to help create his vision of a perfect earth and using his organization know as the League of Assassins to do so. Ra’s immortality is achieved through the usage of the Lazarus Pits. He almost successfully killed the Justice League by stealing Batman’s contingency plans and once almost obtained his dream of worldwide genocide via usage of “The Clench” which is Ebola.

10. Red Skull

Johann Shmidt was a Nazi. Pretty much enough said already, but that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the evil that is the Red Skull. Trained by Hitler himself to be the greatest member of the Third Reich possible, Shmidt quickly rose through the ranks to the leadership of the entire Nazi terrorist activities, espionage, and sabotage. In a fight with Captain America, the Skull was buried under the rubble of a bombed building. Because he was immediately exposed to an experimental gas there, he remained in suspended animation for decades, only to be recovered in modern day by (hail) HYDRA. One example of his evil that stood out for us was when he forced a woman to kill her husband with a pair of scissors by threatening her infant child, only to then throw the child out the window to its death.

9. Saga (Pope Ares)

With a double personality, earning his title after bringing death to the prior Pope Arles, Saga was once the proud knight of Capricorn from the Sanctuary of Athena, he looked upon ruling everything and anything, no matter who he had to kill, even the own Goddess he sworn to protect, to become the “Saviour of the World” and rule the Earth. Impersonating a Pope he never was, for 13 years, he deceived the Saints of Athena, making promises of power to them and to think that the she was still in the Sanctuary, and to “defend her” from being reached at her temple. He commits suicide when his good self controls his mind and asks for forgiveness to the Goddess for all the evil deeds he did.

8. Kid Marvelman

A member of a group of super humans created by the British government with alien technology, Kid Marvelman believes the others like him are destroyed by their creator and flees. He chooses to stay in his superhero state, maturing, while his young host remains youthful. The being quickly becomes sadistic and violent, harboring a deep seeded hatred for the others and his creator. He lives in the mind of his host, only emerging when “Marvelman” is spoken. He tricks the boy to release him, and brutally murders everyone in the mental hospital his host was housed in. He then escapes the hospital and does the same to much of the London population. He has no regard for human life, and is near indestructible. He is only defeated when a piece of debris is teleported halfway through his head. He then reverts to his child form, forcing the kid to feel the pain for him and die.

7. Wiseman

“Death Phantom” as he calls himself, was exiled from his home planet, Earth, to the noxious prison planet Nemesis due to his murderous crimes. Filled with hatred towards Earthlings, he comes back manipulating individuals to do his deeds. Along with the Black Moon clan, he sieged the Earth with colossal shards of the destructive Black Crystal, destroying every sign of life on the planet, the Sailor Senshi fought with bravery but it was effortless, only the power of the Silver Crystal could save them from being drawn in dark energy. He also manipulated Chibi Moon, child of the ruler of Future Earth of the 30th Century, Neo Queen Serenity, in order to obtain the Silver Crystal. He will not hesitate to achieve his revenge against humanity, even if it means to rewrite history to kill the future queen in its weaker form, or fusing his soul with the corrupted planet Nemesis itself.

6. Green Goblin

Norman Osborn. One of the most memorable and evil members of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery. He is truly deranged, and will stop at nothing to ruin Peter Parker’s life. He has little regard for life, and is responsible for some of the most heinous acts in Marvel Comics history: the rape and impregnation of Gwen Stacy, a long line of animal abuse, kidnapping and keeping Aunt May hostage for three years, physically torturing Peter Parker, kidnapping the child of Parker and MJ, and forcing Flash Thompson to drink to intoxication, then drive, resulting in an accident causing permanent brain damage. He is a staple of the villain community of Marvel Comics, and one of the most evil characters ever created.

5. The Purple Man

Zebediah Killgrave was a Soviet spy who became doused in nerve gas, giving him the ability to manipulate people’s emotions and minds. Instead of using this ability for good, he used his manipulation powers to force woman to sleep with him, effectively raping them physically as well as mentally. One of these women was Jessica Jones, who was not physically raped, but instead forced to watch others with the Purple Man. Many of these women bore children with the same powers as the Purple Man, who were then kidnapped by their father. The Purple Man doesn’t care for feelings of others, and is willing to put them through extreme pain and violation to reach anything he wants.

4. Joker

The Joker was known as Red Hood One long before he became the man who laughs. During a major heist at the Ace chemicals plant, Batman caught the man known as Red Hood One before he could fall into a vat of chemicals. Despite Batman predicting the chemicals were strong enough to kill him, the man broke himself free of Batman’s grip claiming “this is only the beginning” sending him into the chemicals below and mutating his mind and body into The Joker.  In what is arguably the most iconic of Joker’s evil acts of his psychopathic crime sprees known as “The Killing Joke”, The Joker shoots Barbara Gordon through the spine paralyzing her he then proceed to take picture of her being undressed and eventually raped by The Joker himself. This was then shown to the kidnapped Commissioner Gordon who The Joker was trying to break and prove anyone could be driven to his side of insanity.

3. Doomsday

Doomsday’s origins are unknown but Zod claims to have created the monster of unimaginable power and bloodlust himself. When Doomsday came to earth, he killed Superman and destroyed Metropolis. Eventually Doomsday was banished to the phantom zone but he learned how to use it as a gateway and would once again do battle with the Man of Steel (because Superman never truly dies) until he is torn in half and inhaled by Superman. Superman purges himself of the Doomsday spores that were beginning to mutate him by going through a black hole.

2. Carnage

It has been recently revealed that the symbiote that bonded with Spider-Man was kind by design, before being corrupted by Eddie Brock when becoming Venom. Then, a piece of the corrupted symbiote bonded with serial killer Cletus Kasady, and became even further corrupted. This new creature became Carnage, and was so evil that even Venom vowed to stop it. Brutal murder, torture, and zero regard for human life, Carnage has even been known to eat people. He gains nothing from these murders, but does it for pure entertainment. He is truly the most evil character in Marvel Comics.

1. Darkseid

Darkseid is the creator and ruler of the hellpit Apokolips. He wishes to enslave everything in existence to ultimately find the Anti-Life equation. Originally known as Uxas, he began stealing the powers of the dying, old gods, eventually murdering his own father and becoming the New God Darkseid. Darkseid has threatened Earth many times, the most iconic being the event known as Final Crisis. Darkseid successfully enslaved the earth to the Anti-Life Equation and it took every Superman in the multiverse to bring him down. As one who wishes for everything to be nothing, Darkseid sets his sights on far more than most villains and he often achieves what he sets out to do even if it doesn’t always last. This elevates him to truly being the “Worst of the Worst” and Evilest of the Evil” in comics.

So there we have it! The Top 15 Most Evil Villains in Comics. What do you think? Do you agree with our list? Did we miss someone? Let us know in the comments.

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