The New Omniverse DC Blog Issue #2 Be The Batman: An Arkham Retrospective Part 2

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Welcome to Omniverse's DC blog. We are back with the second installment of our series of blogs, Be The Batman: An Arkham Retrospective. This time around, we are tackling the first game in the series Batman: Arkham Asylum. 

Story Recap

Released in 2009 Arkham Asylum was the first release in what has become the best video game series based on a comic book property.

Our first outing as the caped crusader begins with the joker being escorted into the asylum for the umpteenth time, protocol is going normally but when the Joker breaks free and takes over the asylum, he begins to enact his plans for revenge. With Joker and Harley Quinn in control, the asylum is put on lockdown and it’s up to Batman alone to stop him. As to avoid spoilers that’s all we will say.

Ken's Discussion

Like most people Asylum was the first game of the series I played and it blew me away instantly. This game has an absolutely incredible atmosphere. While the other installments take place in cities, this game takes place only on Arkham Island but that in no way makes this game weaker. While it’s slightly different from other entries in the series, I actually enjoy this games difference of environment. Along the way you’ll encounter many classic villains like: Bane, Poison Ivy and Killer Croc. Asylum is a lot more linear than later entries in the series and its certainly shorter but for a first entry you can’t do much better than this. PS3 exclusives in this entry are the ability to play as the Joker on the challenge maps, which offers some welcome variety. Unfortunately, there’s no changing batsuits this time around but that isn’t really something that can be complained about since in the other games in the series, story mode always has to be completed to unlock this option. Some of my favorite things about this game are the boss fights. If I had to pick one, I’d say Poison Ivy’s is the most fun. Discovering the locations of the Riddler trophies and collecting them in easy and cryptic ways is one of the most fun parts of the game. However, the best part of the game is the interview tapes and the Spirit of Arkham messages you’ll find for the inmates of Arkham and the Asylums founder Amadeus Arkham, that really let you get inside their heads. The only complaint I have that isn’t as nitpicky as what I previously mentioned is the amount of times the structure of Bane’s boss fight is reused as you fight a lot of titan infused thugs.  Overall Arkham Asylum was the start to something huge and the franchise only got better from here. Asylum is probably the best game to start with and I can’t recommend it enough if you’re interested, definitely give it a try as it’s a cheap pickup these days and if you’re a Batman fan you already own it so play it again!

Renegade's Discussion

I picked up Arkham Asylum well after it released. I heard nothing but great things about it. So when I walked into GameStop and saw a copy for fifteen dollars, I figured why not pick it up. When I saw the first cutscene, I wasvery intrigued. When I got into my first fight I was absolutely and totally obsessed! Rocksteady had me hooked the moment I took control of the Dark Knight. As I said in the previous blog, one of my favorite parts of the Arkham series is the atmosphere in each game. Arkham Asylum's atmosphere left me absolutely awe-struck. Wether it was not knowing what Joker had in store for you around the corner, the hundreds, if not thousands, of prisoners and mental patients roaming free, the many super-villains you cross paths with, or the feeling of "Holy Crud, I'm The Freaking Batman!!!", this game had me constantly wanting to play more and more. One of my personal favorite moments is without a doubt, the Scarecrow sections of the game. These are truly, in my opinion, one of the best parts in the game. To explain it without spoiling anything, you go to a certain part of the asylum and are then thrown into a series of hallucinations, thanks to Scarecrow. This leads to an entire section of the game where you are fighting, climbing and sneaking your way up to a giant hallucination of Scarecrow himself. These parts of Arkham Asylum are absolutely unforgettable. There really isn't anything bad to say about this game. However I am constantly kicking myself for never fully finishing the game all the way through. I was close but still regret not finishing it to this day.

Rocksteady's first Arkham game was an absolute gem of the last generation. If you are even remotely a fan of Batman and do not have this game already, it is literally only ten dollars. Go and get this game!

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With the release of Arkham Knight quickly approaching, We are already hard at work on the next blog. Keep an eye out for it this coming Tuesday as we will be talking about the next game in the series, Batman: Arkham City. 

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