¡Manga Expedition, all aboard!

Hello, fellow explorers, it’s my duty to be your guide on this amazing, vast and yet barely known world of Manga.

Yes, yes, Manga IS indeed one type of “comic”. Actually, the inspiration for the “manga” style of foreigners were comics released and sent all over the world to gain popularity, thus, people from the Eastern culture adopted the “comic” style and adapted it at their own style, creating now these awesome and now, worldwide style of graphic drawing that can transmit so many feelings and can make you so immerse on the story that you completely forget about time.

(This is the part where I suggest you to take a look at manga on your free time. Please, don’t procrastinate! )

Anyways, we shall continue preparing for what lies ahead, so you better get some training first. On my first post, I’ll show you some of my personal “basics” (and some favorites) for you to get into it.

1st- Naruto

By now, everyone should’ve at least heard something of this character. It is, in fact the first and a basic “must” that manga readers should’ve at least read a couple of issues. Story inside the manga is way more insightful than the ones show on the actual anime version. Get ready to enter the Shinobi world, many secrets lay on it!

2nd- One Piece

One of my personal favorites, One Piece is filled with the action, silliness and plot that will get you sticked as a snail into a leaf of the humongous tree that this Little titan of manga. Set sail for a sea beyond wonders, where Monkey D. Luffy and it’s crew would guide you. Onward!

3rd- Sailor Moon

Quite a classic from where I came from, mostly known by Anime and really bad DIC dub, Sailor Moon manga reveals the truth behind some of the unrevealed secrets of it’s Anime counterpart. Story of Usagi Tsukino, a clumsy student, begins to unfold as she discovers her power within gathered over the milleniia, and what the destiny’s held for her. In the name of the moon!

Next time,  I’ll continue with some tips and more manga for your to look up that will set you solid ground to begin this magnificent journey that awaits for us.

See you all on the next base camp!

- MarcoBave