Favorite Villains of the DC Universe

With it being villains month at Omniverse we absolutely have to talk about some of our favorite villains! KenFromSF and RenegadeForGod share their favorites from the DC side of the supervillain spectrum.


Name: Eobard Thawne
Alias: Professor Zoom
Height: 5’ 11’’
Weight 179 lbs.
First Appearance: Flash #139 (September 1963)

Eobard Thawne is a 25th century Flash superfan that recreates Barry Allen’s experiment in order to gain his superpowers. He later lost his powers but regained them by using a tachyon device a flash suit which in the process he reversed the colors of the costume and amplified its speed energy giving him back his superpowers ad long as he wears it. Like Mermaid Man says “the powers all in the costume why else would you run around in colored undies.” Thawne is obsessed with Barry Allen to the point that he under goes surgery to look just like him eventually he becomes obsessed with replacing Barry Allen not only as the Flash but lusts to completely take over his life. While doing your typical other villainous things Professor Zoom’s main goal is make life hell for Barry Allen.

While there have been many “Reverse Flashes” over time Professor Zoom is my favorite for multiple reason. Just as the Joker is the opposite of Batman, Professor Zoom is the opposite of Barry Allen. Barry is responsible for Thawne’s existence; one cannot exist without the other. A lot of villains are obsessed with their respective hero counterparts but I think Thawne takes it to a whole new level by trying to be the hero he’s obsessed with now he doesn’t go about it the right way but that’s why he’s the reverse flash to begin with. The main reason I like Professor Zoom is the same reason I like the Batman villain Hush so much both are a different type of villain that instead of be a villain for the sake of it they are completely dedicated to ruining the lives of their heroes.



Name/Alias: The Joker
Height: 6ft 5in
Weight: 190 lbs.
First appearance: Batman #1 (April 1940)

Though Joker's origin story has been tweaked a number of times to where the details have become distorted. The most commonly used is that The Joker was once a chemical plant worker known as Jack. Jack was fed up with working at the plant and decided to follow his dream career of being a stand up comedian. Yeah....it didn't go to well. After his comedy career went horribly awry, Jack was strapped for cash and desperate to support his pregnant wife. To do so he agreed to help two crooks who were planning to break into the chemical plant where Jack was formerly working. Dawning the infamous persona of the Red Hood, which the crooks would give to a random member of the crew to throw off the cops, They broke into the plant. During the break-in he was called by the police informing him that his wife and his unborn child died in a car crash. Upon hearing this, poor Jack attempted to back out of the break-in. However the security guards of the plant engaged in a shootout with the criminals and both the criminals were shot down. In trying to escape, Batman showed up. In trying to flee from the Dark Knight, he hops over the rail of the catwalk he was on and straight into a vat of highly caustic chemicals. Once he came out of the vat, he was no longer the man he was, his skin turned chalk white his hair a sickening shade of green with a permanent scarred smile. He was now the Joker. One of, if not the most iconic villains in the roster of the Caped Crusader's adversaries, as well as the entirety of DC itself, The Joker has been causing trouble for Gotham and the Dark Knight ever since Batman left the pages of Detective Comics and got his own comic. (the above mentioned Batman #1)

Call me obvious, predictable, lame, or any other adjective you can think of, but to me, the Clown Prince of Crime will always be my all time, absolute favorite villain. Wether it's the all out mayhem that he causes for the fun of it, the straight up unnerving combo of the Joker's personality and signature look of white skin, green hair, ever dapper purple and green vest and suit combo, and the permanent smile, scars or paint alike, or the trouble he constantly is giving Batman. He's the sociopath that all DC fans, including myself hate to love.