Introduction: Omniverse Issue #0

Hello g1s, welcome to Omniverse!!

We live in a day and age where comic books and graphic art is a recognized and appreciated form of literature and art. Whether these are superhero comics, like those from DC and Marvel, Japanese manga, or online comics from independant creators. While these this form of media is more accesible than ever, many people still feel hesitant to enter the world of comics, or talk with other comic book fans about their passion for the art.

That is where Omniverse comes in!

We are a group of g1s who love comics of all forms, and we have joined forces to create this blog to act as a home for comic book content on ScrewAttack. This will range from creative original content, reviews, character bios, explinations of complicated concepts, discussions of current comic events, and eventually podcasts!

Without further ado, meet our team!


I am a huge Marvel fan, despite being reletively new to comics. I am constantly going back to check out classic stories and runs from the past, and somehow never cease to find new characters to fall in love with. When I am not reading comics, I am writing/editing for an independant comic company, teaching martial arts, and going to university to be a high school English teacher.

Assistant Editor

Just a punk Christian kid, who plays games (KI Forever!) and reads comics whenever he can. And although I live in the southern US, I do not have a country accent! Enough said! Now, let's talk about comics and stuff! Woo!

Villian Sympathizer

A fan of superheroes since childhood, I watched many television series and movies growing up and, more recently, started to really get into reading comics and education myself. I guess you could say I am more of a DC guy than a Marvel guy, but I am a fan of both. Definitely far past noobness when it comes to lantern stuff. I am also a big fan of villians and anti-heroes.

Clueless Intern

22, above average, manga rookie, Sentai-Fan, PC gamer, Poke-Maniac on a new journey to explore the unknown, and you're all aboard!

So far, we have several blogs planned:

My personal blog ("Marvel-ous!") will be making the move over to this account right away. It deals with all things Marvel, including character bios, event reviews, top 10s, etc. A similar blog is being created by Renegade and Ken for the DC side of things, where their expertise greatly outweighs my own. Marco is a big fan of manga and anime, and he is creating a blog for discussions on those areas, including reviews, spotlights, and ways to make it easier for new fans to enter this world of art.

Our biggest project (in fact, the one that sparked this whole blog), is a comic book fantasy draft that we have created. The first post of this segment will be released in about a week, and will be pitting our writing skills against one another, with universes created from characters from all different publishing companies.

We also have plans to review video games and movies based on comic book titles. While these may look back at things released years and generations ago, the plan is to start with the review of Arkham Knight, following its release next month.

Finally, we are still working out the details for a monthly podcast, where we can discuss comics that came out that month, pick our favourites, and answer questions and comments from readers.

As you can see, we have a great deal planned, and a bunch of work ahead of us. We hope that you will stick around for the journey, and enjoy what we are creating. If you are interested in joining our ranks, even just occasionally, don't hestitate to let us know! This is a community, and we would love to let other g1s share their talents, thoughts, and opinions.

So keep your eyes peeled for the next part of the Omniverse!