Marvel-ous! Issue #17: Top Ten Marvel Heroes that DON'T Celebrate Christmas

Hello True Believers!

The holiday season is in full swing, and in my neck of the woods, this means Christmas trees, eggnog, and old men dressed as Santa Claus in every mall in town. However, there are many other ways to celebrate the holidays! All around the world, people are celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and many other types of holidays, and this stretches into the Marvel Universe! So for this issue of Marvel-ous, we are going to take a look at ten of our favorite heroes that are celebrating the holidays without a fat man in a red suit.

Now, this is titled a "top ten", and I will be numbering the entries, these heroes are really in no particular order. This isn't really a ranking list, but rather a list of celebration.

So without further ado, lets get into the list!

10. Kamala Khan

it's no secret that I love Kamala Khan as the new Ms. Marvel. She is fun, and relateable, and adorable, and awesome. She also happens to be Muslim, with her parents coming from Pakistan. This means that her family would not be celebrating this holiday, as their most prominent religious holiday is Ramadan, which occurs in the summer. Knowing Kamala, she is probably going to be spending the end of December reading comics, listening to music, hanging with friends, and helping the less fortunate as Ms. Marvel.

9. Kitty Pryde

I have a couple of confessions to make with this one. The first time I learned who Kitty Pryde was, it was from the X-Men Evolution cartoon from the early 2000s, and I instantly had a crush on the character. She was pretty, funny, relaxed, and younger than the rest of the team, which in my kid mind, meant she was my age. That being said, I had no idea she was Jewish until I started doing research for this issue! This means that at the time I am writing this, Kitty would be getting ready for the last day of Hanukkah, probably surrounded by the Guardians of the Galaxy and her fiancee Peter Quill.

8. Dust

Sooraya Qadir is the X-Men known as Dust, and hails from Afghanistan. She posesses the ability to take the form of a sand storm, mainaining the resemblence of her human body. This storm can be so powerful that it can tear the skin from a person's bones. Dust is introverted, and very loyal to her Muslim belief, so as mentioned above, she is not celebrating a holiday this season, so she is probably at the Xavier Mansion practicing her powers, hanging out in her room, or reading.

7. Thunderbird

John Proudstar is an Apache mutant, and a member of the X-Men with the codename Thunderbird. He has super strength and speed. Thunderbird was an a member of the second version of the X-Men, joining at the same time as Wolverine, Storm, and Nightcrawler. Being Apache, and devoted to their traditional beliefs, he would not be celebrating Christmas. This is further enforced by his nasty habit of dying shortly after appearing in comics.

6. Mephisto

Mephisto is basically the Marvel Universe version of the devil (although it is explicitly said that he is not THE devil). He obviously does not celebrate Christmas, because that is far too much joy in the world. My best guess is that Mephisto is enjoying his holidays by reading One More Day and laughing at the misery it caused all the pain it caused Marvel fans.

5. Magneto

Magneto is a Jewish mutant, who was actually held in Auschwitz during World War II (don't do the math to find his age, just trust me). This means he is celebrating Hanukkah, but it is tough to say how he is doing that. Currently, he is a hero with Cyclops' team of X-Men, but we also just found out that his "children" Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are not really his, so he isn't with family. With that in mind, I'm going assume that he is making a menorah out of scrap metal in the Xavier Mansion.

4. Thor

Thor is an Asgarian god, and such would not celebrate such a petty mortal holiday as that of Christ's "mas". He is however, terribly fond of Asgardian mead, which I am going to assume tastes oddly similar to rum and eggnog. He is brash and loud, and not terribly concerned with socially acceptable behavior here on Midgard, so its most likely that he is going to be found in a pub, getting unruly with his fellow warriors of Asgard, celebrating the holiday of Yul.

3. Moon Knight

Next thing I learned while writing and researching this issue, Moon Knight is Jewish! Who knew?!? For those of you who aren't familiar with the character, or haven't read my many discussions of the character, Moon Knight is basically Batman, if Batman was from Marvel, seriously mentally ill, wore white to ATTRACT enimies, and was my favorite superhero. Moon Knight is also a reserve Avenger, and a former West Coast Avenger, so I am going to assume that he would join the other Jewish members of the team for some celebrations.

2. Black Panther

Black Panther is not only a superhero, Avenger, member of the Illuminati, and one of the richest characters in the Marvel Universe, but he is also the king of the African nation of Wakanda, and a follower of Zulu religion. This means that he would not practice Christmas, but if he found himself in North America for the holidays, may partake in various Kwanzaa festivities, including feasts and the sharing of gifts. These celebrations take place after Christmas though, so he has to wait a little bit longer.

1. The Thing

Finally, we look at Ben Grimm, also known as The Thing. He is probably the most well known Jewish superhero in the Marvel Universe. He is rumored to have been a comic "self portrait" of his creator, artist legend Jack "King" Kirby, who himself was a Jewish man. The Thing sticks out for me as a prominent Jewish figure, as I can distinctly remember him celebrating his bar mitzvah after 13 years of being The Thing. He celebrated this, by having a poker game with every hero he could invite. He has even been brought back to life by the hand of God himself in the comics. With Kitty Pryde in space, it would likely land on Ben to organize the Hanukkah festivities for the Marvel heroes.

And that's our list! Little bit different question this time: which hero would you like to spend the holidays with? Let me know in the comics!

Thank you so much for another AWESOME year of Marvel-ous. We have become a part of Omniverse, explored brand new segments, and reached even more readers than ever before.

Have a great holiday season, and we will see you in the new year!

Until then...