Marvel-ous! Issue #3 - My Top 10 Favorite Marvel Heroes

Hello True-Believers!

Marvel Comics has produced some of the greatest superheroes the world has ever seen. Whether part of a larger team, or fighting crime themselves, these are the women and men that kept us running to our local comic shops and newsstands every Wednesday. Some were amazing and bigger than life, while some were closer to someone you would see walking down the street. Regardless of why you liked them, every one has their own list of favourites.

Let me start by saying a few things. First, this is MY personal list. I fully expect for it to be different from that of anyone who reads this. AND THAT'S OKAY! Please, disagree with me. Argue with me in the comments! Tell me why your hero deserves to be on a top 10 list, and mine doesn't! The point of these lists is to spark discussion, and maybe introduce some new characters to new readers. Second, I am only accepting one version of each hero. This means, for example, that Ultimate Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man cannot both appear on this list. However, clones are allowed, as long as they act under a different name than the original. So, for example, X-23 and Wolverine could both be on this list, but Wolverine and Wolverine Noir could not. Lastly, I am basing my decisions on purely personal criteria: nostalgia factor, my personal connection with the character, and the enjoyment I get from reading the character. There is no objective reason for any of these heroes being on this list, only my subjecting reasoning.

With that out of the way, let's begin!

#10: Storm (Ororo Munro)

Now, my connection with Storm is almost purely nostalgia, as I didn't actually start reading her comics until the newest run which started in 2014. Rather, I was introduced to the weather controlling mutant from "X-Men: Evolution" the most prominent and successful comic book TV show of my childhood. I always found the ability to change the weather on a whim incredibly fascinating. Now that I am reading her monthlies and getting to actually know the character, I am loving how strong she is a as a female character, and what a positive role model she is for young girls that could be reading comics. She can lead a team of mutants against super villains, and look bad ass while doing it. An awesome character, deserving of my #10 spot.

#9: Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner)

At #9, we find another X-Men. Nightcrawler has the ability to teleport instantly, while also possessing acrobatic skills. Kurt is another character introduced to me through the aforementioned television show, and I have loved him ever since. He is a gentle soul, always kind and caring to others, contradictory to how people expect someone with the appearance of a demon to act. Kurt is deeply religious, which is something that would normally turn me off a character, but rather than using this as a preaching tool, it is used as a source of personal strength for the character. Kurt is an awesome character, and I find myself counting down until each new issue of his comic.

#8: Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Spider-Man was the subject of many a Halloween costume in my childhood. I even had a Spider-Man birthday cake. I have seen ever episode of the 1990s Amazing Spider-Man cartoon multiple times, and was emotionally drained by the death of Peter Parker in 2013, despite knowing that he would make a return, as he did the very next year. Spider-Man originally appealed to me in that he was in high school when he got his powers. I was in elementary school at the time, and couldn't wait to get to high school in hopes of a radioactive animal biting me (laugh all you want, you know you were hoping for the same thing). Later, I found more attracted to his witty banter, and massive intellect. He had all the strength to combat crime with his bare fists, but often opted to use his brain instead. Spider-Man is like an old friend that I can always count on for a good time, and because of this, I constantly am coming back to his comics.

#7: Kid Omega (Quentin Quire)

Quentin Quire is a shithead. And I love it. For those who aren't familiar with the Kid Omega, he is a teenage mutant who happens to be an insanely powerful telepath. He is especially adept at creating a telepathic shotgun, which he often uses to defend himself. He is a student turned teacher at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. He is destined to become the Phoenix. He is also the bane of Wolverine's existence. Seriously, go read the Jason Aaron run of "Wolverine and the X-Men" and you will learn why I love this character so much. I also just want all of his shirts.

#6: Broo

Broo is another student of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Broo is a member of the murderous race called the Broods. However, Broo is a mutant of his species, resulting in him being highly intelligent, very coherent, and largely nonviolent. He is funny without meaning to be, which is one of the many reasons I love him. He is basically clueless to sarcasm and social conventions, but earnest and good of heart. Combine Sheldon Cooper, a puppy, and a Xenomorph, and you basically have Broo. He's awesome.

#5: Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

Now, this version of Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel is relatively new to the Marvel universe. Kamala Khan is also the first Muslim character to have her own title in the Marvel Comics Universe. She gained her powers through a Terrigen Bomb (trust me, topic for another day), and has taken on the guise of Ms. Marvel with her new inhuman powers. What makes Kamala such a loveable character, is the fact that she was a massive superhero fangirl before getting her powers. Now that she has them, she is getting to meet all the heroes that she used to idolize. It makes for hilarious and adorable situations. I highly recommend her comic to anyone and everyone. Seriously, go pick it up. The blog with still be here when you get back.

#1: Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

HEY NERDS! Deadpool here! I figured I would come by and fix the outrageous injustice that is me being at only #4! Not sure why this list is on a porn site, but regardless! Wait... what the hell! This isn't a porn site! Just a bunch of comic nerds! That's it I'm outta here. I have better things to do.
See ya, losers! - DP

#3: Wolverine (James Logan Howlett)

Yes, I am the stereotypical comic book fanboy who loves Wolverine. I'm sorry for everyone I am disappointing with this. Wolverine is just the perfect combination of brutal killing machine, mentor, and loving father figure. One comic, he is ripping the arms from his enemies. The next, he is teaching his students an important lesson about surviving in the world. The next he is comforting one of his friends who needs a pick-me-up. While at the time I am writing this, Marvel is dealing with his death, seasoned Marvel fans know that very few deaths in the Marvel universe are permanent. Wolverine will return, and I for one can't wait to welcome him back with open arms.

#2: Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker)

Remember when I said that clones were free game for this list? This is why. Kaine Parker is arguable the only good thing to come from the Clone Saga (again, another topic for another day). Scarlet Spider's solo title was the first comic that I started reading devotedly, and I fell in love with this character. He is a darker and more brutal version of Spider-Man, with little remorse for the pain he causes to the evil he combats. I have followed him over to New Warriors, and while I am upset that his solo title was canceled, I am thrilled that Marvel is keeping the character alive and in action.

#1: Moon Knight (Marc Specter)

Moon Knight has been around for a while in the Marvel universe, but seems to be gaining notoriety in the last few years. Personally, I think he is one of the most fascinating heroes that Marvel has ever created. Basically, Moon Knight is mentally ill, with multiple personalities and occasional hallucinations. Because his comics are written from his point of view, this causes the reader sometimes to whether or not anything that happens to him is real or not. He has also been revamped over the years, and his current version does not possess superpowers. He is an incredibly interesting character to me, and I really hope more people begin to see this.

So what do you think of my list? Were some of your favourite heroes on here? Did some of your favourites get left out?
Let me know in the comments below!

As this was the first Top 10 of the series, if you can see areas that need improvement, please let me know! I am always looking for constructive criticism.

Until next time, Marvelites!