Marvel-ous! Issue #1 - Introduction

Hello True Believers!

My name is Cade, and welcome to Marvel-ous!, your one-stop blog for information on all things Marvel Comics. This is the first issue, so this will be a basic introduction to the concept and my future plans for the series.

First off, who is this series for? Anyone! Whether you are a die hard Marvel fan, just getting into comics, or are somewhere in the middle, like me, you will like this series. If you are a DC Comics fan, you may also find this interesting, as many of my topics will not be strictly limited to Marvel. The reason I am focusing on Marvel is because I do not read DC Comics. I don't connect with them in the same way that I do with Marvel. I respect DC Comics, but I am not as familiar with them, so I am don't want to accidently give wrong information.

Top 10s will come out less frequently than other topics, because they have a lot more work required to creating them. These lists will be ENTIRELY based on my own opinion, so they may be different than your own. And that's awesome! That sparks discussion, which is always great. So please, don't be offended if your Top 10 list is different than mine. Rather, voice your opinion in the comments, and I would love to start a respectful discussion with you.

Character Bios (or as I will be calling them "Marvel Files") will examine characters and provide origin stories, biographical facts, and their current situations in the comic book universe. In addition, these will layout alternate versions of the character from other universes. These characters will include heroes, villains, teams, and significant members of the Marvel Universe.

My third area of discussion will alternate between discussions of my own opinions on various aspects of comics (titled "One-Offs") and simple explanations of complex concepts or events in the comic books (entitled "Explained!"). The focus of One-Offs will be to generate discussions on various topics, and to share my opinions on some areas. These will sometimes be based off my own views, and sometimes will be based on historical fact. This will be distinguished at the beginning of the article. Explained! will be an explanation of various things in the comics in common language. I know how difficult it is to read recaps of storylines, events, and concepts, because of all the jargon used. It is my hope that this area will help to clear these up.

If you have any suggestions for things to add to the series, or topics you would like me to discuss, feel free to send me a message, or a comment below! I am always looking to expand this series in new directions and positive ways. If you are interested in reading these further, follow my blog, and you will get updates every time I post a new "issue".

I look forward to the discussions this will bring forward, and meeting my fellow comic book fans!