Ken's Injustice 2 Elaborations

I refuse to let a broken mic silence my reasoning! Also, Hey! i got a pick right! My reasons are going to span quite a wide spectrum but I'm pretty sure i can make a good case for these combatants at least from a fighting game standpoint. Without further ado lets go!


Beast Boy

I've never been much of a graphics snob but i can appreciate when something looks nice and seeing this character in motion has the potential to be amazing. We've seen Killer Instinct's Orchid transform into a fire cat but imagine playing a character who changes shape as the combo rolls on. They can go about this a few ways simply having certain combos have the changes as part of the animations or giving him a few very different transformations and make them like modes. The gear system isn't ideal for competitive play but being able the change out transformations would be incredible! 

Dr. Fate

To me this character is already confirmed Ed Boon is aware of how much people wanted to see him in the first game and they even put his helmet on the Injustice 2 shirt at E3. The different armor he could receive via the gear system has me intrigued. Because of his flight and telekinetic abilities this character has zoning written all over him. This is going to be one of those characters that is going to cause a lot of flashy stuff on screen hopefully its done well so in contrasts awesomely with the game dark color palette. 

Black Canary

I don't think i need to say much because she's been announced and shown but still WOO! score one for Ken! I can't say i expected the Sonya like stuff but knowing what Netherrealm Studios had done with Sindel in Mortal Kombat 9 made me excited for what they could do with the Canary Cry and now we get to see just how awesome it will be.



My picks make it clear that I'm a Teen Titans fan, what can i say its my era. Don't let that confuse you though because this is just my way of shoehorning in my real pick in in the same way the Power Girl, Professor Zoom and John Stewart are. BLACKFIRE! i am the villain sympathizer so you should have seen this coming. Realistically though if Starfire makes it not making a Blackfire skin is a total missed opportunity. I would expect a play style similar to Raven in the first game especially if she were to unfortunately be absent from the sequel.


Anyone who played Mortal Kombat X will know the different variations of Scorpion all having different fire based abilities. I imagine firestorm having a variety of those abilities obviously not the ninjitsu stuff but the teleporting and summoning an assist seems like cool ideas to me. SInce there's been many firestorms they've got their choice for other possible skins but from a character design perspective alone i want to see Deathstorm from the new 52 Crime Syndicate.

Black Lantern/Black Hand

Speaking of summoning characters imagine summoning the reanimated corpses of dead combatants to assist you. Blackest Night is one of the coolest things DC has ever done in my opinion and it even got a skin pack in the first game.

Mirror Master

Teleporting across the screen is cool and all but imagine being able to create mirrors any where on the stage so you can come at the opponent from any angle you desire. Mirror Master might not be the coolest member of the rogues no pun intended but he would make an incredible trap character.


That crazy ninjitsu stuff we didn't use from Scorpion earlier is going right here! If we are lucky enough to get Katana we could even get some cool Kenshi stuff like summoning an assist. I think a Suicide Squad skin pack is inevitable for this game so they can at least give us one of the best things from that movie.


We have already seen Damien Wayne/Robin in this game so what about Batman's other child Helena Wayne, I know that's not the standard Earth Prime Huntress but Injustice does some weird things with the multiverse anyway and since Power Girl is around why not Helena Wayne too. So far no Nightwing and she could have a very similar move set to his injustice 1 appearance with some Green Arrow the stuff thrown in replacing the standard bow with a crossbow.

Bring Em' Back!


Raven was fun Injustice 1 and if we can't get Starfire i definitely want to see Raven back because she's one of the coolest female heroes in comics. Changes do need to be made though like maybe make her face not look like something out of a nightmare and how about using the classic voice for Raven this time Tara. Netherrealm just give us all the titans!


Don't hate me for wanting to bring back the monster that Batgirl was in the first game. The skins for this character alone make me thing shes worth including. We could get skins for both Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain as Batgirl to their appearances as Spoiler and Black Bat, even Steph's version of Robin. If we cant have Huntress we could at least get her as a skin here right?  We could even leave Barbara out this time and just have Oracle be playable which might seem like a joke but Professor X was playable in some X-Men fighting games so i'm not ruling out her chances.

Killer Frost

One of my favorite character to play in Injustice 1 and that's not even my reasoning for wanting her back in the sequel. I liked Jennifer Hale's voice in the first game but I'm not going to pass on the opportunity to have Danielle Panabaker take on the role as i really enjoy her in The Flash television series. I'm expecting an Arrowverse skins pack of some sort and if i don't get Danielle's Killer Frost I might cry.

Now that I've convinced you all these characters need to appear in injustice 2 and realized a lot of my picks could have similar playstyles go but out that arcade stick and get ready for whats sure to be the best fighting game of 2017 at least until winter but more on that game next time!