Weekly DCTV Wrap-Up #9

Hello G1’s! Death, death and more death that’s the way the DCTV world likes it towards seasons end but at least for the most part the deaths we seen this week were people we had been waiting or at least expecting to bite the dust for quite sometime happened. Just like the characters the shows are dropping like flies as well. So once again lets recap the shows and say our goodbyes.

The only show this week where the number of important characters increased. Hugo Strange revived one of season 1’s major villains Fish Mooney which probably more than made a few fans of the show a bit angry because she wasn’t exactly a well received character but seeing as this season has only episode left I don’t think Fish haters have much to worry about. Fish is the first subject to be resurrected and retain her memories which prevents Strange from being canned by his employers who while long expected to be the Court of Owls we actually got to see someone with an Owl mask and it was awesome. Fish has had the power to control people before but now she literally has a mind control touch. After Selina fails to meet with Bruce he becomes concerned and after a discussion with Alfred, Lucius and Gordon. Bruce decides to request a tour of the Asylum to locate Selina and sneak Gordon in to investigate. Using a pocket sized giger counter Lucius locates the entrance to Indian Hill and marks it. Selina is still trapped in a chamber with Firefly who she is trying to get to remember her past and while she slightly succeeds Firefly still tries to kill her until She convinces her that she should allow her to be her servant. Bruce meets with Strange in his office and has a discussion about his father and eventually Bruce, Lucius and Gordon are taken and imprisoned. Bruce and Lucius are put in a room and questioned and threated with gassing by Nygma who Strange has recruited due to his knowledge of Gordon. Gordon is taken to a chamber and shown an inmate who has been given the ability to shape shift giving us Gotham’s Clayface. Clayface turns in to Jim and works to replicate his voice. I thought the episode was a good way to set up the finale for war inside the walls of Arkham. It’s definitely no surprise they ended on a cliffhanger before the final week. I looking forward to seeing who survives the skirmish and if all the villains will be detained with only a loose end or two or if they will all scatter setting the next season up.

We got to see Killer Frost again! It wasn’t really her but still I’ll take it. Barry has his powers back but he’s also become overconfident and cocky and the team has taken notice. Henry and Iris both have a talk with Barry to remind him that he’s not invincible. Caitlin apparently believed Zoom wouldn’t kill her and took him up on the offer to just walk away back to the team. She occasionally thinks she sees Zoom causing her to have small freakouts. Jessie has Caitlin check her for any mutations hoping she has received powers from being hit with dark matter. Among Zoom’s meta-human army is Black Siren the evil Earth 2 doppelganger of Laurel Lance. She is taking down buildings throughout Central City with an incredibly powerful scream. She attacks Mercury Labs, Barry saves everyone and Dr. Tina McGee tells Barry she knows he’s the Flash. Wally has been acting as a vigilante since his conversation with the Flash until Joe catches him in the act when he is almost killed by a meta-human. Joe and the Flash both try to convince Wally to stop but he doesn’t listen eventually leading to him saving Barry during a fight with Black Siren. Wells and Cisco develop a plan to send out a signal that will knock out all Earth-2 invaders. While the plan is executed by Barry Caitlin and Cisco dress up as Killer Frost and Reverb to distract Black Siren and make her believe their Earth-2 counter parts are still living and they plan to team up and take out Zoom.It works until Black Siren throws something to Cisco, which he catches with his right hand revealing their disguise as Earth-2 doppelgangers are opposite handed from their Earth Prime counter parts. Cisco is about to stop one of Sirens attacks with a newly discovered power but it only works once and Barry sets off the signal just in time to save them. Wells and Jessie wear special headphones to protect them from the signal but when Jessie’s fail Wells puts his on her and he is knocked out with the rest of the Earth-2 invaders. Zoom escapes through a wormhole to avoid losing consciousness. Barry rounds up the Earth-2 invaders and then team Flash along with the West family Dr. McGee and Henry meet for a get together at Joe’s house. Zoom crashes the party kidnapping Henry and Barry dashes after him revealing to Wally the only uninformed party at this point that he’s the Flash. Barry is forced to watch as Zoom kills Henry playing on the idea that he and Barry are more alike than Barry is willing to admit. The episode was very fun and also heartbreaking while I was expecting Henry to die it’s still not something I wanted to happen especially with what John Wesley Shipp has been to the Flash character. It was nice to see Katie Cassidy again after bidding Black Canary farewell a few weeks ago. I have to say I think Black Sirens costume was one of the coolest so far and definitely the best costume worn by either of the Lance sisters so far although Sara’s white canary costume with the trench coat is a very close 2nd. With next week being the finale we know the likely final show down between Barry and Zoom is right around the corner. Hopefully we see Cisco bust out those new powers to assist Barry and we see Jessie and or Wally with some Flash powers and can we please find out who the man in the iron mask is!

While the world is searching for an explanation for a random nuclear explosion that leveled a small city, Felicity and her father Noah are joined by Curtis in their quest to completely shutdown Rubicon. When Felicity’s mother Donna shows up, tempers flare and it is revealed that She took Felicity and left Noah, He didn’t abandon them like she had been telling Felicity for years. Felicity talks to her mom and tells her he understands her reasoning. Their operation is nearly shut down by Felicity’s hacker ex, Conner who Darhk recruited to get Rubicon back online. They succeed in counter attacking Conner and also succeed in locking Rubicon down completely. Meanwhile Malcolm brainwashed Thea and Oliver and Diggle head in to H.I.V.E.’s secret underground “ark.”They have everyone inside after them and eventually have a confrontation with Thea and Oliver is able to cure her of her brainwashing. Oliver is concerned that the people inside are brainwashed and actually believe Darhk’s plan will create a better world. Anarky is still loose in the facility and he infiltrates the command center and kidnaps Darhk’s family for the second time.Team Arrow confronts Anarky and is able to save Darhk’s daughter but Anarky stabs Ruve after the power generator is damaged in the crossfire causing the “ark” to start self-destructing. Malcolm helps evacuate the inhabitant’s of the “ark” and team Arrow escapes as it detonates leaving a massive crater in the middle of Star City. Back at Felicity’s apartment Curtis tells her that he sees similarities between her parents relationship and hers with Oliver telling her not to make the same mistake. Donna and Noah have a conversation about rather he should stick around, while it seems like he has decided to stay Donna returns alone but not long after Darhk opens the door promising to make the world burn regardless of a safe place. After not being a huge fan of last weeks episode I was happy to see they bounced back well with this one. I was elated to see Ruve finally get what was coming to her. Darhk being even more powerful really make you think about how they are going to finish him off next episode and what will become of his daughter. I enjoy Noah a lot so hopefully he comes back next season or even next episode to help save Felicity, Donna and Curtis. Obviously I am expecting an ending very similar to last season with Oliver having the “American dream” again.

Capping off an incredible first season Legend’s when out with a pretty good bang and an intriguing set up for season 2. Rip returns the team to 2016 knowing he can’t save his family and with time in free flow locating Savage would be impossible he disbands the team. The team has returned 5 moths later than they left due to time being in free flow Rip was unable to return them to the exact moment. While in 2016 Jax and Stein explore more of Firestorm’s abilities like dematerializing objects. Sara learns of Laurel’s murder and tries to cope with losing her sister. Mick has resumed his life of crime but is having trouble finding a partner after meeting up and having a talk with Ray he considers a partnership and a side change. The team eventually meets up and summons the Waverider demanding to finish the mission. Sara tries to threaten Rip in to taking her back to save Laurel but he explains that it would cause more deaths in her family. Kendra, Carter and Savage are in 1944 France Kendra escapes and leaves a note in a soldier’s helmet, which happens to appear on the Waverider. The team attack Savage but is only able to rescue Carter who tells them of Savage’s plan to use the blood extracted from he and Kendra on 3 meteorites sent to earth by the alien race the Thanagarians to reset the time to 1700 B.C. the time of their first murder. To do this Savage has to detonate the meteorites in 3 different periods of time. The team splits up and attacks Savage in the different periods after Stein figures out the radiation from the meteorites will make Savage killable because of their relation to the prophecy. Mick and Ray travel to 1958 the time period in which we seen Jax get turned into a creature earlier this season. Mick burns Savage alive and Ray shrinks the meteorite down to miniscule size so its detonation produces little but smoke. Sara, Jax and Stein travel to 1975 where the auction took place earlier in the season. Sara snaps Savages neck with her metal bow staff and Firestorm dematerializes the meteorite. Rip and Carter travel to 2021 rescue Kendra and kill Savage by stabbing him and kicking him into a device that electrocutes him. The team rendezvous in 2021 but neither Ray nor Firestorm is able to destroy the meteorite. Rip decides to fly the meteorite into the sun aboard the Waverider knowing he will die in the process. After a vision of his family an a conversation with Gideon, Rip drops the Waveriders cargo and commands all power go towards making the time jump back to 2021.The Waverider succeeds and the team heads back to 2016 with the mission complete. Rip asks the team to stay with him and be the protectors of time since time is now without guardians giving them time to think it over. The whole team shows up to the next meeting but Carter and Kendra announce they aren’t coming and that they are going to learn more about their past and enjoy finally having freedom of Savages curse. The rest of the team is about to board the Waverider but another ship arrives piloted by Rex Tyler the Hourman who claims to be send by Mick from the future saying that them boarding the ship is the beginning of what leads to the their deaths. As far as the fun factor goes Legends stands above the rest of the CW shows and if I was going to recommend one to an outsider it would be this one I don’t know if I would call it my favorite but it’s definitely the one I’m saddest to have end this season. I really enjoyed just about everything from this series the characters have great chemistry and while its easy enough for everyday people to follow and understand being a DC fan makes it a whole new level of enjoyable I can’t recommend check it out enough.

Well G1’s next week is the final DCTV blog for this season don’t think I’m disappearing on you though as I plan on doing some stuff in between seasons that will keep you thinking about all things Arrowverse and elsewhere which now only covers Gotham since Supergirl moved to the CW we do got Krypton coming out though so be on the look out for that.

Until next time G1’s

-KenFromSF and the Omniverse Crew

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