Weekly DCTV Wrap-Up #8

Hello G1’s, what’s the best way to follow up a death filled week of DCTV why do it again of course! Although from a number perspective I think Arrow wins this week’s death competition. But We will start things off with one of the most spectacular deaths EVER.

Apparently Penguin and Butch have been getting their Saint’s Row/Grand Theft Auto on recently because that’s definitely the type of measures we seen them go to in order to take down Azrael. Prefaced by Penguin saying he would shove his umbrella somewhere other than Galavan’s mouth Butch shot Azrael with a freaking RPG blowing him into flaming pieces. This was near the end but, the rest of this weeks episode was far from uneventful. Jim and Harvey continued to investigate Strange who has destroyed any paper evidence that could convict him. Strange and Peabody are apparently planning on abandoning Indian Hill much like they did with Pinewood. During Jim and Harvey’s manhunt for Azrael they visit Tabitha who takes them to the Dumas tomb where the real sword of Azrael is buried. Tabitha is stabbed by Azrael after she triggers some of his memories causing him to target Bruce. While Tabitha recovers in the hospital Butch and Penguin form an alliance against Galavan since he has harmed them both. Druing the final battle with Azrael Alfred get stabbed but isn’t seriously injured. Bruce want’s to break into Arkham but Selina goes in his place. She runs into Nygma who is trying to escape through the air ducts, Unfortunately for him he left the vent open in his cell causing the Arkham guards to be waiting for him at the vents end. Things didn’t go well for Selina either as the episode ended with her finding herself in a room with the Bridget who has now been brainwashed into exclusively the Firefly persona. Before I praise and rip this weeks highs and lowsI have to apologize for saying Captain Barnes died as he’s apparently recovering so get well soon sir. I guess this shows often grim outlook may have rubbed off on me. I enjoyed how much of Azrael’s character history was talked about in the short time he was on the series that’s not to say Galavan will be the last to wield the sword. Seeing Penguin and Butch together again was awesome and Harvey getting fired up at the GCPD was an excellent scene. My only complaints are the change made to the Firefly costume as you can now see her mouth which makes her a lot less cool looking and more like a pyromaniac power ranger (say that 3 times fast.) I’m pretty sure someone on the Gotham production team thinks Sean Pertwee’s screams or groans are the best thing about this show because stabbing Alfred has become a trope at this point.Fish Mooney one of the major season 1 villains returns next week so it’s like to be a good mesh of season 1 and season 2 vibes.

THAT”S MY MOM’S CAR! Of course an episode directed by Kevin Smith would have Jason Mewes screaming the best line of the episode.Barry is inside the speed force and the speed force wants to teach him a lesson in letting go. Through out the episode the speed force manifests itself in the form of Joe, Iris, Henry, and His mother Nora all while projecting places Barry sees as meaningful, eventually telling him he needs to come to terms with his choice of not saving his mom. Meanwhile team Flash deals with Barry’s disappearance and discovers Jessie and Wally unconscious. Joe is able to wake Wally up but Jessie is in a coma like state much like Barry was after the first particle accelerator explosion. The replicated particle accelerator that sent Barry into the speed force also reactivated part of the previously dead Girder’s brain putting him in a zombie like state. Joe and Iris work on trapping Girder while Henry watches over Jessie and Wells and Cisco find a way to get Barry out of the speed force. While with Wally Joe drops a mug hoping to trigger Wally to reveal any powers he might have gained from coming into to contact with the effects of the replicated particle accelerator but nothing happens. Cisco travels into the speed force by Vibing a burnt section of the flash suit while using a device created by Wells he sees Barry but doesn’t make contact with him. Eventually both Cisco and Iris go into the speed force and retrieve Barry who has had his powers restored. Barry takes out Girder very quickly and then is able to wake Jessie by touching her hand resulting in electricity between their fingers. Barry then goes with Iris to see his mother’s grave and they discuss their future together. Meanwhile at the CCPD Zoom tells Caitlyn to decide which side she is on and has a meeting with his meta-human legion ending the episode. While this week wasn’t the most exciting episode of the Flash I could help but be enthralled to see Jason Mewes on screen and I feel like this is one of those episodes that matter a whole lot more in the grand scheme as opposed to by itself. Not much to talk about in the realm of likes and dislikes as this was almost all about setting things up. I just can’t wait to see 3 Flashes taking on an army of meta-humans.

I feel like its an expected part of the show for once per season team Arrow to screw up big enough that it results in mass death. Inside H.I.V.E.’s Ark Thea meets with Malcolm who tells her Anarky has somehow gotten inside and I planning to allow it to be destroyed with the rest of the world when Rubicon is activated and Genesis begins. During Thea’s battle with Anarky Alex is seemingly killed. Meanwhile in order to stop all the world’s nukes from detonating Felicity has no choice but to team up with her Father who is also being hunted by H.I.V.E. as he is seen as a threat to Genesis. Oliver tells Diggle he needs t be honest about Andy’s death with his wife to avoid destroying their relationship the same way Oliver and Felicity’s was destroyed. Quentin plans on signing an untruthful contract with the SCPD in order to get his badge back but after a conversation with Donna he decides to have it truthfully re-written even if he doesn’t get his job back. When Felicity goes to Palmer tech to retrieve a device her Father needs she learns the board has voted to terminate her as CEO causing the team to have to steal the device. Unfortunately they only manage to copy 90% of the code of the device there for some of the work will have to be done manually. Felicity and her Father are able to stop all the nukes but one which they only manage to redirect to a town with in Lyla’s word’s 10’s of Thousands as opposed to Millions that would have been killed had it hit its original target. The episode ends with Oliver and Diggle investigating the evacuated city hall and finding the chamber where Darhk channels his idols energy. I can’t say I liked this episode as it felt a lot like jogging in places waiting to dash towards the finale. While I liked seeing Felicity’s father again that was the only thing I enjoyed about this episode. While it does orchestrate that everyone come up short sometimes a lot of the episode felt under explained. We know the board has been at odds with Felicity for awhile so her being ousted isn’t exactly a shock but her being unable to get the device she needed and the means they had to go through was a bit ridiculous considering since it was in Curtis lab you would think they would have called him. If he was still resting after the events of his most recent appearance on the series they could have at least mentioned it. The other big gripe I have is Felicity states that she once hacked a satellite to make everyone on the eastern seaboard think they were 20 miles west yet while see does redirect the missile its more to the south than the west so you can’t say that’s all she was able to do if she had moved its target point east it likely would have crashed into the water. Like I said though every season seems to have one of these “we screwed up big time” moments lets hope the right the ship next week.

Everything really rose to the surface this week as so much of the Tim Masters real plans were revealed. First though back in 2016 Jax works with Stein to create a source for the jumpship to travel back to the Vanishing Point, while trying to deal with it being before the mission changed his personality and not revealing much about the future but at least sending him back to 2016 did reverse the process like they had hoped. Meanwhile in the Vanishing Point, Ray, Stein and Rip have been imprisoned while Mick has been taken to be rehabilitated into Cronos. Time Master Zaman reveals that an alien attack occurs in the year 2175 and only Savage will be able to unite the planet to stop them and that is his reasoning for sending Savage back. He also shows Rip the Oculus which the Time Masters can use to freely manipulate time and he states that they have been controlling the team the entire time so they cannot prevent Savage’s rise to power. Sarah and Snart who managed to hide aboard the Waverider are contacted by Gideon through the phone and they create a plan to free the rest of the team. They first place disabling devices on the other time ships in the port to prevent the Waverider from being chased. Then, they successfully break the team out. After the team is reunited they discuss attacking the Oculus but when they try do so Zaman has an army waiting for them claiming he manipulated all this as well. However Zaman didn’t count on Jax showing up just in time and the team fights their way to Oculus. Having foreseen Ray’s death Rip warn’s Ray not to remove any part of his suit but when he doesn’t listen Mick takes his place in detonating the Oculus only for him to be knocked out by Snart who sacrifices himself to destroy it. With the Oculus destroyed and time now free flowing the team head to 2166 to take out rescue Carter and Kendra and take out Savage for good. The only complaint I have this this near perfect episode is the CW thinking there needs to be romance all the time I mean Snart died so it’s unlikely he’ll be getting another kiss from Sarah but still it felt unnecessary but if it to fully cement that he has crossed the line from villain to hero so be it. My favorite parts of this episode were Mick making good on his promise to crush one of the Time Master’s skulls and his conversation with Ray at episode’s end. Ray and Mick have had many scenes throughout the series building their dynamic as not only teammates but also friends. If they were to make a buddy-cop Atom and Heat Wave series I’d be down. Also the Oculus controlling past events was a great way of showing how sometimes a lot of stuff doesn’t matter and how quickly things can be changed in the world of comics. Next week is the finale and if it continues the trends from this episode it will be incredible.

Well G1’s, that’s all for this week we are really on the wind down now as Legend’s finale in just around the corner and Gotham, Flash and Arrow all wrap up the week after that. But for now we mourn another week of loses in DCTV.

Until Next time G1’s,

KenFromSF and The Omniverse Crew

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