Weekly DCTV Wrap-Up #7

Hello G1’s, It was quite a rough week in DCTV as death bit seemingly every show one way or another and every show ended on a down note. But as we all know it’s all just a build towards the final showdowns. Let’s get this train of sadness rolling!

Jim and Bruce tried to get information out of Hugo strang but to no avail. Theo Galavan now going by Azrael is on a manhunt for Jim Gordon and unfortunately if you name wasn’t Jim Gordon you were probably less GCPD officers including Captain Barnes, a death that I had been expecting for quite some time. Nygma now in Arkham becomes suspicious of Stange and spent this episode trying to figure out where people were disappearing. By episodes end he discovered the entrance to Indian Hill, which will surely mean substantial things for him next episode. Unmasked by Barnes Theo Galavan is captured by news cameras which lead Bruce, Penguin and Tabitha to see the resurrected former mayor. A few smaller things we saw were a hint at the Mad Hatter possibly coming soon and Barbara going nuts? Or is she just weird now? Either way I’m still thinking there’s a strong chance that she could be Harley Quinn of course with the way DC does their TV and Film universes separately we won’t be seeing any version of Harley on Gotham anytime soon. The episode had quite a few shots that used Azrael as a Batman stand in showing him in ways we would traditionally see the bat on screen. There was one scene in particular where Bruce looked up at Azrael and something seemingly clicked in his head. Next week is sure to be a man hunt for Galavan as he now has more than just the GCPD looking for him. Oh and Azrael’s design gets my Flaming SHORYUKEN of approval.

Zoom and Caitlyn are back on Earth Prime because Zoom wants to take it over next. Zoom makes the Central City Police Station his base of operations. Cisco senses his brother Dante is in danger and invites him out. They are then attacked by the Earth 2 version of Dante who is targeting Cisco because Zoom told him he killed Reverb, Cisco’s Earth 2 counterpart. Team Flash uses a Flash hologram it keep peoples home alive but when Zoom shows up at a conflict with Rupture at Jitter’s coffee shop multiple cops and Rupture are killed by him and her reveals The Flash is no more. After mulling it over all episode and despite it being against both Joe and his fathers wishes Barry agrees to let Wells create a contained particle accelerator explosion to give him his powers back. Despite the perfectly recreated situation Barry vanishes leaving a burning Flash suit and everyone assumes the worst. After spending most of the episode in STAR Labs safe room, Jessie and Wally got out just in time to get hit by the speed force that swept through the building rendering them unconscious but we all know what that means. So it wasn’t exactly Flashpoint but it was clearly inspired by it. We know from the next episode preview that Barry is trapped in some far off corner of the multiverse and the team is trying to figure out a way to bring him back. We don’t know if he has his powers back or not but if it continues to follow Flashpoint Barry has one more round with a particle accelerator. We finally got to see how Jessie and Wally are getting their powers now I can’t wait to see what costume designs the creators come up with. Barry and Iris relationship is being pushed forward more and more which I’m sure makes many fans happy but I’m in this show for the action fun stuff for the most part. Next episode is directed by Kevin Smith, which makes me more excited for it than normal. SNOOGANS!

Damien Darhk meets the other members of H.I.V.E. to discuss moving forward with genesis and after spending time in prison and escaping via his own plotting aided of course by Malcom Merlin and Andy he kills the other 2 members of H.I.V.E. Meanwhile team Arrow decides to take a break each in their different way. Oliver goes to see a shaman named Fortuna who he was referred to by Constantine as she can help him learn to combat Darhk’s powers. Felicity forces her way into Oliver’s venture. Thea takes a vacation with Alex, which takes a quite nasty turn as Thea realizes everything she hears is on a loop and it never becomes nighttime. Then she sees Alex has been taking the infamous yellow pills H.I.V.E. uses to make people co-operate She tries to run away but is captured by H.I.V.E. soldiers and we find out she’s in an underground facility. John visits Lyla and their daughter who are aboard an armored A.R.G.U.S. truck to protect them.He then goes after Andy after he is detected by facial recognition software. This leads to John getting caught and “prepped” by Andy for what we don’t know because he escapes which we later find out Andy allowed to happen so he could track him back to his family.Darhk and Andy attack the truck but Oliver and Felicity show up in time to save them. John eventually snaps and has no choice but to kill Andy. Lyla then reveals that Darhk has stolen Rubicon which we finally found out is a missile launch system made to stop nuclear attacks but now that Darhk controls it he plans on “reversing” its uses. It was nice to finally see Andy pay for everything he cause and hopefully it doesn’t completely destroy John. Oliver is now able to resist Darhk’s magic but the situation is far from easier as team Arrow is without Thea and Darhk controls the world’s nuclear grid they’ll with have to act fast and the tension will be at an all time high as the season ends.

With Savage held prisoner aboard the Waverider he is doing his best to try and turn the team against each other. His efforts are for the most part futile until he causes Ray to open the cell and fight him after taunting him about Kendra who spends much of the episode trying to fix the brainwashed 2166 version of Carter. Mick and Snart decide Rip cares more about himself than the team and decide to leave on the jump ship back to 2016 but the ship has already sent Jefferson back to reverse a fast aging process that was caused by a large amount of radiation while he was fixing the Waverider’s time drive. The team faces off with the escaped Savage and Carter Rip is shot by Savage but survives and just as Savage is about to kill Kendra Carter “awakens” and saves her but he is stabbed in the process. Sara, Rip, and Stein manually pilot the Vanishing Point to present Savage to the Time Masters and prove he’s been manipulating time thus making Rip’s mission legitimate. However it’s revealed that Savage is working with the Time Masters and the team is arrested. I will be frank I thought this was the worst episode of the series thus far. Maybe even my least favorite of any show this DCTV season. For whatever reason the show has stopped referring to Kendra and Carter as Chay-Ara and Khufu, which wouldn’t be a big deal if they hadn’t put so much emphasis on it through the entire series thus far. Also they made Kendra care way to much about this newly reincarnated Carter it seems to have completely side tracked her. Now I’m not saying this because I care about Kendra and Ray’s relationship but if this is the future version of Carter isn’t it technically different than Kendra’s Carter? The series has show multiple times that throughout their various reincarnations Khufu and Chay-Ara have had many names I just don’t like that they abandoned that. I’m sure everything will return to as normal as this series get and the next episode will return the series to its high standards its set for itself and I suppose every show has its speed bumps but hopefully not one this big again.

Well that wraps up a quite depressing week in DCTV to the character we lost rest in peace we will miss most of you but no one stays dead in comics and that’s carried over to the silver screen quite frequently so I’ll consider this goodbye….for now.

Until next time G1’s,

KenFromSF and the Omniverse Crew

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