Weekly DCTV Wrap-Up #6

What’s up G1’s this weeks DCTV blog is exclusively CW show because that’s all that was on. Mostly slower type episodes for the most part setting up for what’s to come in the final weeks. The Flash has lost his powers, someone has stolen the Black Canary persona, and The Legends are attacking Vandal Savage at the height of his power. Let’s get this show on the road!

After giving up his speed to Zoom in order to save Wally, Barry is having trouble adjusting to being normal again. RIP Barry’s coffee mug. Wells goes to see Jessie after tracking her down via cellular dead zones which are caused by people from Earth-2 being on Earth Prime. After a fight with Jessie, Wells is kidnapped by Griffin Grey who thinks he’s got the Earth Prime Wells and wants him to cure him. The particle accelerator explosion gave Griffin Grey super strength but every time he uses it he ages quickly. Eventually with the help of Jessie, Team Flash rescues Wells by making Grey age himself to near death and he then reverts back to his 18-year-old self. After bugging Joe, Wally gets to meet with The Flash and thank him. Meanwhile on Earth-2, Hunter/Zoom has kidnapped Caitlyn because he’s in love with her and plans on keeping her with him until she feels the same way. Caitlyn meets Killer Frost who Zoom has locked up after she helped Team Flash rescue Jessie. Caitlyn helps Killer Frost escape but when Killer Frost tries to kill Caitlyn she is killed by Zoom. On Earth Prime after reconciling with Jessie, Wells decides to be less protective and let her have more freedom. He also informs Barry that he plans to create another particle accelerator explosion to get Barry’s powers back. In the next episodes previews we see something similar to how Barry regained his powers in the Flashpoint storyline. Will they do it the exact same way and have Barry end up fried the first time? We shall see but its definitely going to be a suspenseful episode. I enjoyed the episode a lot and despite my thoughts that Jessie was possibly going to become Star Girl we heard the name drop of Jessie Quick so its likely she will be getting her speedster powers sometime soon. Obviously I have to complain that they killed Killer Frost because she’s awesome, but I didn’t expect her to turn on Caitlyn because during Team Flash’s Earth-2 escapades they had seemingly gotten through to her. Either way Zoom now only has 1 Caitlyn prisoner and she’s likely to be the one to find out who the man in the iron mask is. I’m sure we’ll all be finding out soon enough.


With Laurel dying at the end of the last episode the team is given little time to mourn as someone impersonating the Black Canary quickly appears. Evelyn Sharp stole the Canary Cry from the hospital and recalibrated it to be more aggressive. Sharp was a prisoner of H.I.V.E. who seen Team Arrow break into the H.I.V.E. facility. With everyone laming themselves in different ways for Laurel’s death Diggle decides to to go after Ruve Adams/Darhk, Oliver stops Diggle from killing her but she then declares all the vigilante’s in Star City a threat and issues warrants on them. Quentin asks Nyssa is there is a way to bring Laurel back and is distraught to learn of the destruction of the Lazarus Pit. Oliver helps Quentin come to terms with Laurel being likely gone for good. Evelyn goes after Ruve and is going to kill her but is convinced to do what the Black Canary would do by Oliver. At Laurel’s funeral we get a glimpse of Evelyn in the distance, Quentin allows Oliver to speak and he reveals that Laurel was the Black Canary so no one can tarnish the reputation of Laurel or the Black Canary. Oliver then talks to both Barry and Felicity where he confirms he understands he has to kill Darhk. Next episode we see that Team Arrow is plotting their assault on Darhk but they are now fugitives thanks to Ruve’s warrants. I hope they work Evelyn into a more developed character as she does have reasons for being around. One thing this show has done is show characters be seemingly forgiven kind of easily so I think we will see Evelyn again sooner than later. We know that the Earth-2 version of Laurel is supposed to show up in the future but I think this is the last we’ve seen on Earth Prime’s Laurel but as usual I will probably be wrong.

GIANT ROBOT FIGHT! After the Waverider was severely damaged. Ray/The Atom took on Leviathan, Savages ultimate weapon after he modified his suit to allow him to grow instead of shrink. But that’s not all that happened in this epic episode of Legends. With the team deciding to attack Vandal Savage at the height of his power the team ends up capturing a soldier who has a bracelet from Kendra’s past which they know can harm Savage. The soldier turns out to be Savage’s daughter she’s not Scandal Savage yet but I’m willing to bet that’s not too far off. Snart manages to convince Savage’s daughter that her father is not the world’s savior. The Legends team up with Savage’s daughter and the last battalion of the armed resistance to take out Savage. The Legends bolstered forces attack Savage’s forces. Kendra is able to defeat Savage after her and Mick melted the bracelet onto Carter’s mace. Kendra is unable to kill Savage after she discovers 2166’s incarnation of Carter is one of Savage’s brainwashed soldier’s. Rip knocks out Savage and imprisons him on the Waverider. The Legends are currently tasked with ridding the world of Savage’s influence and taking out the rest of his forces. I enjoyed how much this episode displayed the character’s personality changes that have take place over the season and how it was essential for a partially reformed villain to help Savage’s daughter see the error of her fathers ways. Even though the season has 3 episodes left I would have preferred Kendra finished Savage because the Carter reveal felt forced and predictable unfortunately. But still the fun level of this show is what makes it so enjoyable and the build up to the climax has been fantastic, obviously Savage and the legends have one more fight to settle the score for good.

That does it for this week G1’s Gotham returns next week so we will have a little more than just the Arrowverse to discuss.

Until then SEE YA!

-KenFromSF & The Omniverse Crew

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