Weekly DCTV Wrap-Up #5

Hey G1’s its time to recap an almost normal week of DCTV. There was no Arrow this week and this was the last episode of the season for Supergirl. Yeah we have reached that time of year when you’ll soon be resorting to Netflix to get clench your Superhero thirst. It was another week of setting up for the big finales fastly approaching with characters “appearing” and others “disappearing” so let get started!

AZRAEL!!! Yeah I know its how the episode ended and the whole episode was interesting but the ending set up for next week wonderfully. Theo Galavan has been revived as Azrael or at least one of the versions of Azrael because we know there have been a few over the years. This one is a weapon created by Hugo Strange more than likely with the help of the Order of San Dumas. “Cured” of being crazy Barbara is determined to help Jim in his private investigation of the Wayne murders. She did help get some fruitful results but Jim is still a long way from trusting her. Bruce and Alfred with some assistance from Lucius continue to dig through the computer of Thomas Wayne which lead to the discovery or Karen Jennings who reveals more about Pinewood a facility where people are experimented on that was run by “The Philosopher” who is revealed to no one watching’s surprise as Hugo Strange. Karen also reveals to Bruce how much his father did for her such as rescuing her from Pinewood and being a father figure to her.Matches Malone also mentioned “The Philosopher” so Hugo Strange is solidly linked to the Wayne Murders. B.D. Wong has been doing a great job as Strange and seems genuinely creepy every time he’s on screen. It was great to see Bruce get some enlightenment on how good of a person his Father was and you can see it had an obvious effect on him. Gordon accepting that he likely wont be back in the GCPD anytime soon and doing what’s basically a private investigation on his own time really shows his strengths as a man who is unbroken by Gotham. Next week we know Azrael will descend upon Gotham I’m sure he’ll be targeting Bruce but if he gets in a scuffle with Gordon and the mask coves off it will be a shock to everyone.

A very enlightening episode of The Flash this week as we got the origin story of Zoom/Hunter Zoloman the man who was posing as Jay Garrick. Much like Barry when Hunter was young he witnessed the murder of his mother only it Hunter case it was by his father. Sent to live in an orphanage and the foster care system Hunter eventually became a serial killer and was eventually captured and put in an insane asylum where he would receive electroshock therapy. During a “therapy session” Earth 2’s particle accelerator went off and gave birth to Zoom. On Earth Prime in the current time Wells is refusing to help open a portal back to Earth 2 concerned it could affect Jessie’s safety as he doesn’t know where she is still. After remembering Reverb Cisco’s Earth 2 doppelganger’s abilities, Barry realizes Cisco is the key to getting back to Earth 2. Despite both being against Barry’s plan Joe and Wells decide Wells should help Barry so he can protect him. Cisco has fears of become Reverb himself but is reassured by Barry. Iris discusses the possibility of a relation with Barry with Caitlin. Wally reveals that he can’t afford to live on campus at college any longer and after a talk with Barry Joe asks Wally to move in which Wally immediately agrees to. Once the breech to Earth 2 is re-opened Zoom comes through and after being seemingly captured escapes and kidnaps Wally demanding Barry’s speed. Deciding he has no other choice Barry has Wells syphon his speed and give it to Zoom. Zoom then attempts to kill Barry but after Caitlin pleads with him to spare him Zoom kidnaps Caitlin and runs off. As of right now it seems they have no way to rescue Caitlin since Barry is now just a normal human. Caitlin is most likely going to be the one who figures out who the man in the iron mask in Zoom’s layer is. Terry Sear’s performance was absolutely menacing he really came off as genuinely evil. I expect a ton of craziness in the coming episodes as it looks like we will either have a Flashpoint like instance where Barry will recreate his origin to regain his powers or maybe Cisco will have to step up and be the hero and learn all he can about his powers. Either way its sure to be nothing short of epic.

Saying Legends of Tomorrow was weird would be a pointless statement because the show is always about as far off of normal as you’re going to get. The Team faced off against The Pilgrim this week the top assassin for the Time Masters but just like The Hunters she lasted a single episode before biting the dust. The Team spent the episode collecting and saving younger versions of themselves some even as babies to prevent The Pilgrim from killing them in the past thus stopping their existence. Rip decides to put the younger versions of the team in the care of his mother who runs a Time Master orphanage. The Pilgrim eventually kidnaps loved ones of the team from the past and holds the hostage unless they turn over the younger versions of themselves. Rip negotiates a deal to give up the child version of himself thus preventing the Teams mission from ever happening despite there being major consequences to the death of a Time Master. Rips mother brings the younger version of Rip to the exchange and even though The Pilgrim can slow down time the ambush by the team is enough to allow the younger version of rip to stab The Pilgrim and causes her arms to fall stopping her time freeze. All the Teams attacks hit The Pilgrim at once reducing her to a pile of ash. Aboard the Waverider Rip confirms his mother will continue to watch over the younger versions of the Team but the timeline changes due to the disappearance of their younger versions are starting to set which means they won’t be able to fix things. Without any knowledge of a Savage appearance in the past the team has no choice but to attack him at the height of his power in 2146. I found the teams interactment with their past selves to be awkwardly entertaining. Mick’s interaction with his past self could prove to be important as it seems he might be starting to have Snart like changes of morals. Jax interaction with his father who died shortly after he was born was a great scene and unless we are shown otherwise its unfortunate that Jax informing his father of his fate did prevent it. Next week is sure to start the beginning of the biggest fight thus far in the Arrowverse. I can’t wait for it!

The Supergirl finale was great but it did the one thing I didn’t want and that was end on a cliffhanger. Oh well the series is good enough that if CBS decides not to renew it I’m sure the CW will jump on it. Alex and Kara’s fight that began last episode ended with Alex about to kill Kara only to be stopped and snapped back to herself by their mother. With the help of Max and Cat Kara is able to broadcast a message and symbol of hope breaking through Myriad and saving the city. Despite his heroics the government still insists on incarcerating J’onn. Indigo convinces Non to kill the inhabitants of Earth and move on to greater conquests. Non and Indigo then start to crank the Myriad signal to max power to cause human brains to explode. Alex and Kara decide to reveal to their mother that Jeremiah is still alive and being kept at Project Cadmus. Max locates the Myriad signal, which is revealed by Lucy’s father to be Fort Rozz. Kara then says her goodbyes in her own way knowing she might not survive a battle with Non and Indigo. J’onn breaks himself free and goes with Kara as backup. Kara wins a heat vision battle with Non and J’onn ends up ripping Indigo in half. A dying Indigo reveals the signal cannot be killed as a result Kara says her goodbyes to Alex and flies Fort Rozz into space. Alex flies Kara Kryptonian space pod out and rescues Kara. Once Kara awakens at the DEO it is revealed the president has sent her thanks to Supergirl and J’onn, who is also given a full pardon and reinstated as the head of the DEO. J’onn makes Lucy his co-leader and Kara is promoted at CatCo. by Cat to an unnamed position. Later something crashes in National City and Kara is shocked to see it’s a Kryptonian space and even more shocked at it contents. Thus ends the first season of a great addition to the DCTV universe. The theories about what’s in the pod are already running rampant on the net so check them out if you want. I’m certain this series will continue in some form hopefully we can see some Supergirl characters appear on the CW side of this next season. I can’t really pick 1 favorite episode but any involving J’onn being his green self are my top picks. Favorite character is definitely J’onn because im a huge Martian Manhunter fan but Wynn and Cat are very entertaining characters as well.

Well G1’s that does it for this week we say goodbye to Supergirl but we say hello to the Emerald Archer again next week so there’s plenty to look forward to.

Until next time G1’s,

-KenFromSF and the Omniverse Crew!

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