Weekly DCTV Wrap-Up #4

Hey G1’s another week of not everything showing but what did air was great so lets talk some DCTV!

One of the best episodes of the series so far this weeks episode did an awesome job showing off the villains we are most familiar with in the series seeing Penguin finally snap back to his old self and feed his step-siblings too their mother before killing her was brilliantly evil. No more goody two shoes Oswald the Penguin is back. Jim undercover trying to find who framed him with some assistance from Harvey was entertaining and led straight into the discovery of Nygma’s evil doing. They really showed off the Riddler’s need for recognition better than they ever have and it was executed wonderfully. Bruce and Selina on the streets of Gotham continued and by episodes end they did a superb job showing how back n’ forth their relationship is and it really foreshadows their futures well. Alfred also revealed to Bruce that Lucius had finished fixing Thomas Wayne’s computer. Meanwhile Jim still wants to dig deeper into the Wayne murder case and receives a surprise visit from the newly “cured” Barbara. The next episode preview showed Barbara working as a police informant trying to gain Jim’s trust somehow I don’t see this going so well. With Penguin back to his old self the Wayne’s computer fixed and Nygma likely headed to Arkham next wee is looking like a wild ride.

Never to be upstaged by seemingly any other DC show Legends cranked out another great episode this time in the Old West with Jonah Hex making an appearance. We got to learn a little about Rip’s past fascination with the time period that ended in the destruction of a town, which haunts him to this day, and we got to see some awesome gun fighting. We had already seen the Waverider synthesize Snart’s missing lower arm back into existence so it came as no surprise when it was able to create clothing and weapons for the team to blend into the time period. Stein helps save a child life who turns out to be H.G. Wells as this series really like throwing out the historical namedrops. Always good for DC easter eggs Kendra met one of her past lives which referenced Nighthawk and Cinnamon. Ray taking over as Sherriff and along with the team and of course Jonah Hex, running the Stillwater Gang out of town was good but the real fight was the showdown with The Hunters. The Hunters stormed in looking to decimate and shockingly they were all 3 disposed of in a single episode, KILLED just like that! I definitely did not expect that at all. Now they face the Time Masters most deadly assassin The Pilgrim who is apparently going about her goal of disposing of the team by targeting them as children. The next episode is going to feature the team traveling to their childhoods to save themselves so it’s sure to be interesting and quite crazy.

The troubled times continue in National City as Kara along with Maxwell and Kat remain the only ones unaffected by Non’s trump card the Myriad mind control. Non and Indigo have isolated National City as a “think tank” and plan to use it to solve the world problems because they claim humanity is dooming the planet. Non is looking at global conquest while Indigo would rather set their sights on the entire universe. Maxwell’s plan to stop the Kryptonian’s involves an explosive using Kryptonite and Kara is ready to go along with the plan before she’s inspired by Kat to break the mind control with a symbol of hope. Mean while J’onn and Alex are still on the run and they stop at the Danvers family home where they hear the news of National City and after an argument both head there. J’onn is defeated by Indigo and Alex is captured and forced to fight Kara while under mind control as the episode ends. This episode was all about setting up for the finale next week which is likely to have some very triumphant and heartbreaking moments unless they go full Empire on and on a major down note. The series has yet to be renewed so if next week is the end let’s hope we don’t get the “Constantine Cliffhanger” for a second time.

Well one show finishes it’s season next week as the other 2 return so next weeks will be the last to feature the full DCTV multiverse for awhile it seems. Next week we do it all again.

Until next time G1’s,

KenFromSF and The Omniverse Crew

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