Weekly DCTV Wrap-Up #3

Hey G1’s because the DCTV verse decided to make my job easier by only airing 2 shows this week this will undoubtedly be the shortest blog yet. I’ll take time to address that the schedules for all the shows are going to be really weird going forward as its likely that as one comes back from a short break others go away usually its after an episode we find out about a break so if you use the blog to catch up on shows know that schedules are weird without further ado lets talk about what happened this week.

Shortly after the season began we knew a death in the series would be coming and by the end of this episode we found out it was Laurel Lance the second Black Canary. Now there’s many theories out there but I’m sticking with what we see as of right now Laurel was killed by Damien Darhk. The build up of the season has really lead to this point the rest of the season is pretty much the end game with Darhk and from the flash forwards we know it only ends one way.What I expect going forward is the obvious blaming himself from John who was convinced Andy had been against HIVE. I still think Curtis will replace Felicity but I wouldn’t be surprised if she came back. Thea’s tensions with Malcom really hit a new high in this episode so she will likely be having another bout with him the same time Oliver’s final confrontation with Darhk goes down. This season is really about to put the pedal to the floor and race towards the final act and its shaping up to be quite the showdown.Both Arrow and Flash are going on break for a few weeks before the finals acts but it is definitely going to be a fun ride.

No episode of the series so far have been as important to saving the future of Earth than this one and man did the Team aboard the Waverider bite it big time. They traveled to Rip’s time period of 2147 and as of then there are 5 years before Vandal Savage’s rise to power and conquest of the world and by the end of the episode they managed to shorten that to just 10 days. Whoops! Ray sees that the law is enforced by robots that look similar to the Atom suit and discovers his brother was the beginning of the tech empire licensing the technology out. Rip kidnapped Per Degaton who brings about the beginning of Savages reign to kill him only to eventually try to bring out the good in him. Obviously it all backfired and time till doom is shortened. After a fight to get out the hard feelings with Snart, Mick rejoins the team and warns them of the threat of the Hunters a bounty hunter group purged of humanity and used by the Time Masters. Next episode preview showed that we will be heading to the old west and Jonah Hex will be involved so it like to be a badass episode.

Like I said at the beginning the DCTV schedule is going to be a bit wonky for likely the next month so just be weary.

Until next time G1’s

KenFromSF and the Omniverse Crew

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