Weekly DCTV Wrap-Up #2

Hey G1’s, its that time of the week again, time to reflect on last weeks DCTV awesomeness. Without a mass amount to review and my predictions for the season already given this will probably be the most readable blog yet. I swear we get one week where every show is actually one and it’s a miracle Gotham is on a break but at least its only till April 11th. I’m going to change up the order slightly this week to talk about the crossover stuff back to back. As always or maybe not since its not getting a spot next week, Gotham!!!

This episode made predictions in the last blog look pretty bad but it is what it is what they did was better than what I predicted anyway except for Leslie losing the baby Gotham writers why do? Seeing Elijah die so quickly sucked but it was expected and Paul Reubens gave a great performance as the character. As least we know where Penguins fortune is coming from now. Penguins over all interaction with his adoptive family was pretty entertaining the scene where his step-sister failed to seducing him was funny but it was even funnier when after seeing his sister fail penguins step-brother offered to give it a shot. Jim being in Blackgate was definitely a lot shorter than I expected but seeing him go underground is like to be nothing but great. The prison warden was definitely enough of a thorn in Jim’s side that he will be taken down in the future. I don’t think they ever named the uncorrupt black prison officer who helped out Jim and Harvey but I really hope its Aaron Cash. Jim’s friend he made in prison making the escape but not surviving his injuries suffered in a prison brawl was sad but very effective. Harvey enlisting the help of Don Falcone was unexpected and it was great to see him again. I really liked the way they showed the plan for Jim’s escape play out because while knowing the character tells you there’s no way he’s going to die its still suspense filled and shocking. It’s going to get even crazier moving forward as we see the next episode will be focusing on another Nygma plot maybe Jim will take him down next episode or by the end of the season but we know it won’t last long. Now brace your Bow’s because this weeks Arrow was a real stinger!

While this wasn’t the greatest episode of the series it was still enjoyable because you could see that they were building towards next week and damn was that name drop at the end a huge set up going forward. The episode was almost entirely focused on the PalmerTech building being over run by Brie Larvan’s robo-bees. We see Brie break out of prison, swarm the PalmerTech building and reveal her reasoning as her having a tumor on her spine which can be removed via surgery but will leave her paralyzed so she is after the device that was implanted in Felicity’s spine. We get to see the bees do things we didn’t see during the first run in Team Arrow had along side the Flash last year. The bees cluster together and form a villain that resembles Yellow Jacket from the Ant-Man movie and they also burrow themselves into Oliver’s body and start multiplying. The bees also evolve and adapt almost instantly now making them nearly invincible. The team has a run in with Curtis who takes on Felicity’s role in her absence. Felicity is still refusing to come back to team Arrow as of right now as Brie’s action have inspired her to make PalmerTech Star City’s beacon of hope. The scenes we saw of Darhk in prison showed he might not have his powers to his previous level but it doesn’t really matter when you control a criminal organization. With the name drop of Andy Diggle being Darhk’s ace in the hole at the end of the episode the hype for next week is very real! Now we join the stranded Legends in 1958.

One of the craziest episodes of Legends yet Chronos attacked the Waverider causing a premature take off stranding 3 members of the team in 1958 before legends took a break. Sarah, Kendra and Ray were stuck in the past for 2 years before the Waverider fell into 1960 after freefalling through time. Ray and Kendra a living normally and Sarah has run off to join the League of Assassins which after seeing her combat skills Ra’s is immediately suspicious. Meanwhile back on the Waverider Chronos has taken Snart hostage on is own ship and the others were temporarily unconscious. Chronos or at least this one is revealed to be Mick who wasn’t actually killed by Snart as Snart promised to comeback for him but Mick was taken by the Time Masters and turned into a weapon. Eventually Kendra and Ray are found by the team and everyone goes on a rescue mission to get Sarah out of the League. Snart escapes and follows Mick to Nada Parbat when he knows the team will be. Sarah has lost herself due to being in a past time for an extended period but regains herself during a fight with Kendra and then there’s a big showdown with Chronos. Snart freezing his hand and shattering it to get out of handcuffs was amazing as was the effect of his hand being regenerated by a machine on the Waverider. We know the team is heading off to 2147 next episode to take on the version of Savage that killed Rip’s family so it’s likely to be a fantastic episode. Now its crossover time ladies and gents so let’s head off to National City.

Well with all the shows being produced be same people it seemed like a crossover with the CW shows and Supergirl was inevitable dispite it being on a different network so when the crossover was announced I caught up on Supergirl and was ready for the crossover well if you were a fan of the Flash then you probably enjoyed this episode for the most part until the 2nd fight scene that is where even with Supergirl’s help Barry can’t take down what’s basically 2 villains he’s dealt with before. They are instead defeated by a firehouse and Supergirl regains the city’s trust because she took a hit for a helicopter. Obviously she needed to gain back the public’s trust by why do it in the crossover that should have been epic? On to the episode Barry runs onto Supergirls Earth with what I think is a Tachyon device on his chest with no explanation as to why he’s there but sweet the Flash is on Supergirl! After some culture shock and explaination to the Supergirl regulars we get some backstory to the Siobhan’s family history and after freeing Livewire and teaming up she becomes the Silver Banshee. First fight goes as usual not so good for the heroes but they live to fight another day. After getting a little tech security that team Flash used to fight Pied Piper its round 2 and a rescue of Cat. After the fight Kara helps Barry return to his Earth. The episode was fun but they simply made the Flash just look pathetically weak against threats that should have been nothing especially with Supergirl at his side but they did go in without much of plan which Barry was skeptical about so. Outside of the small fights Barry coached up Kara in both superheroing and life and love. Kara finally kisses Jimmy but he’s then got dead stare in his eyes as he walks out and we are then show masses doing the same as it is revealed Non has begun his next plan to destroy the Earth. What happens when Barry travels back to season 1 let’s bolt to Central City and find out!

In what might be the most comic book episode of any DC show thus far

It was almost retcon like but it didn’t change that much. Pied Piper is a hero now through which is cool to have another member of team Flash.

In order to go faster Barry travels back in time to talk to the Eaobard Thawne Dr. Wells of season 1 to figure out the speed equation to go faster. Thawne is on to Barry’s plan almost immediately but he is reassured by Barry and goes along with the plan. Eventually both Barry’s are in the same place at the same time and all is revealed. Most of the episode a Time Wraith which is basically the Arrowverse version of the Black Flash. My description of the episode may be brief but its one of the best episodes so far. All the showing of Eddie Thawne in the episode makes it seem more likely that he is most likely the man under the mask in Zoom’s lair. I can’t wait for Barry’s face tot face with Jay in the Zoom costume its going to be epic.

Well it was a very up and down week in DCTV quality but that’s too be expected as always you can count on me recapping it every week no matter how bad it gets but if it gets too good and I die of the hype you’ll know why the blogs stopped.

Until next time G1’s,

KenFromSF and the Omniverse Crew

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