Weekly DCTV Wrap-Up #10

Hello G1’s it’s the last rundown of the season and as always it sad to see a season end but we face this heartbreak every year. As usual every show teased its next season as they all ended except for Arrow which has an open but closed ending but that may change and we will get to that soon enough but first we have to talk about the one that’s not related to the others.

Last episode ended with Gordon Lucius and Bruce in a bad situation at Arkham. After Clayface “perfected” his impression of Jim he tells the police to head back to GCPD and tells Harvey that Strange is a “dead end” and that he’s connected to people hat are untouchable. He also manages to fool Alfred with his act but Barbara is able to see right through it and his cover is blown when she hits him in the face causing quite a hilarious disfiguration. Meanwhile, Bruce and Lucius are trapped in the gassing room by Nygma and he begins to question them asking them who runs Indian Hill which they answer correctly with Wayne Enterprises however they answer incorrectly saying the Board of Directors runs Wayne Enterprises and they are knocked out by what they think is poisonous gas only to wake up in the same room as Gordon. Strange drugged Gordon and asked him the same questions Nygma had asked the others realizing they all knew the same amount of information and none had any knowledge of the Court of Owls Strange has no concern with them. After a conversation with a member of the Owls Strange is commanded to destroy Indian Hill and its inhabitants. Strange refuses to kill his creations and has Ms. Peabody round up all of them onto a bus except for Fish who makes contact with Ms. Peabody and Fish attempts to take control eventually escaping Arkham driving the bus.

Selina shows up and tells Gordon Lucius and Bruce that Strange has a bomb set so they need to get out. While trying to escape Strange is hit by blast of fire and ice from a battle between Firefly and Mr. Freeze he survives but is arrested. Jim and Lucius struggle to disarm the bomb and mistakenly think a dehydrated Ms. Peabody asking for water is telling them to dump water inside. Fortunately for them it works and everyone is okay. After a police chase the bus driven by Fish crashes and is fired upon by Butch and Penguin. Fish emerges causing Penguin to declare her being alive impossible and fainting Butch and his men run away. A wondering homeless lady opens the back door of the bus letting the monsters of Indian Hill loose in Gotham the one we get to see looks like a twin or clone of Bruce with longer hair. Jim decides to search for Lee leaving Harvey who is still serving as interim chief of the GCPD to deal with the Arkham after math. During a conversation with Alfred and Selina Bruce tells them of his plans to find the secret organization that is running Gotham. Also as far as we know Nygma is still locked in a cell at Arkham. The finale was exactly what I had hoped for but it wasn’t by any means bad. I don’t hate the character of Fish but seeing her comeback and Jada Pinkett Smith most likely power playing her way into the series again seems very unnecessary but if it slows things down im all for that because they show has introduced so many villains and that’s really cool but we are still quite a ways from seeing the caped crusader. Next season will certainly be a hell of a freak show.

After seeing his dad killed Barry fights Zoom and seemingly gains the upper hand until its revealed that he’s fighting a time remnant when Zoom kills Zoom. Zoom reveals to Barry that he wants to prove he’s faster by having a race. Barry is ready to race Zoom and kill him in the process but after seeing he’s not in the right state of mind team flash locks Barry in on of the cells at S.T.A.R. labs and take out Zoom themselves with a trap. Before they execute their plan Jessie discusses with her dad that she plans on returning to Earth-2 but tells him to stay on Earth Prime if it makes him happy. Joe tells the team if anything goes wrong just stick with the plan and they begin their attempt to take out Zoom. Caitlin goes to talk with Zoom saying she was wrong to think she didn’t have a dark side waiting to be unleashed which please Zoom but he still attempts to kill her revealing that she is actually a hologram that projected there from the machine at S.T.A.R. labs Wells gets Zoom locked in place but Joes tranquilizer gun jams and he has to run up and stab Zoom himself Cisco opens a portal to Earth-2 and Zoom is sucked in but he grabs Joe’s coat pulling him in as well. While imprisoned in Zooms lair Joe learns that the man in the iron mask is Jay Garrick who Zoom discovered on another Earth. Zoom also tells Joe how he had been on the run from the Time Wraiths until he got Barry’s speed.

Wally who had no idea about the teams plans lets Barry out of his cell and when it’s revealed that Zoom has Joe. Barry demands he be allowed to race Zoom. Zoom has stolen a device from Mercury Labs that’s he plans to use the energy generated from the race between speedsters to send out a shockwave destroying the multiverse. The race begins and a time remnant of Barry appears and begins to run at bottom of the device to counter act the shockwave costing him his life but saving the multiverse. Meanwhile present time Barry frees Joe and handily defeats Zoom. Time Wraiths appear and take Zoom away we see him transformed into the black flash which looks absolutely awesome. Back at S.T.A.R. labs Barry reveals that he knew creating a remnant would anger the speed force but he bet on the fact that it was angrier at Zoom. The iron mask is removed from Jay Garrick surprising everyone on the show but no one at home that he is the Earth-3 doppelganger of Henry Allen. Both Wells and Jessie decide to return to Earth-2 and take it upon themselves to get Jay back to Earth-3. At a celebration of their victory at Joe’s house Barry and Iris discuss their future but Barry says he’s not in the right placeto give things a chance and Iris tells him she will wait for him just like he did. Barry decides to run back in time and save his mom from being killed by Eaobard Thawne and we see a scene very similar to that of season 1. We don’t know the repercussions of this but its either going to cause only small changes on The Flash or completely change the whole Arrowverse. Overall I liked the finale a lot seeing Black Flash was awesome although we had to bid Zoom’s great looking costume farewell. Seeing the real Jay Garrick was cool but I was hoping we would get to see Rick Cosnett appearing as a new character maybe in the future if we are lucky.

Darhk has broken into Felicity’s apartment and after a brief shootout between H.I.V.E. soldiers and Oliver and Diggle, Darhk gets away with the laptop executing the launch of all the worlds nuclear missiles giving the team 2 hours to prevent a nuclear holocaust. Team Arrow has seemingl given up hope when Curtis who was injured during Darhk’s break in tells Oliver that Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow can inspire hope. Oliver ventures out into the riot filled streets and rally’s the city with a powerful speech. Felicity and Curtis prevent a missile from hitting Star City and eventually reroute all the missiles to explode far up in the atmosphere. Lyla sends an A.R.G.U.S. team to attack Darhk but they are all killed quickly. Diggle struggles to tell Lyla the truth about how he killed Andy but eventually does but her telling him she accepts what happens as being in the line of duty doesn’t give him anymore closure. Oliver tells Quentin to get Felicity’s mom out of Star City which he does but he returns when he hears Oliver speech to help him defend the city.

Oliver confronts Darhk and their final battle is an epic. Darhk thinks he will make quick work of Oliver but Oliver is able to counteract Darhks powers with all the hope he has inspired in the city. Even all of H.I.V.E. ‘s best men can’t take down the united citizens andOliver is able to kill Darhk claiming unlike with Slade he has no choice but to kill him. In the aftermath of the battle with Darhk Team Arrow discusses the future with John deciding to go away with his family for awhile, Thea deciding maybe the superhero life is making her darker so she decides to get out of the game for the time being and Quentin leaves with Felicity’s mom for some time away. With only Oliver and Felicity left the discuss how they will continue to defend Star City with the season end with them looking at the costumes worn by the former Team Arrow. I actually think Arrow had the best finale of any show this season and really they could end the series right here it’s a great closed but still open for the future note that the shows should be ending on instead of cliffhangers that leave people hanging in the event that a show is cancelled. I’m sure we will likely be seeing Oliver and Felicity getting back together and probably getting hitched next season but what they will do with Felicity since she’s the only other team member left might be interesting maybe we will see new members come to join the team or even Felicity on the battlefield. I know what I’m hoping for a taste of the classic Green Arrow Green Lantern team ups! Oliver and Hal Jordan!

Don’t be sad G1’s as I won’t be going away I have ideas for some “off season” material that will be sure to keep your palette nice and interesting. Trust me you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled I plan on utilizing the offseason for some good discussions.

Until next time G1’s!

- KenFromSF and The Omniverse Crew

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