Weekly DC TV Wrap-up #1

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Welcome to the first weekly DC TV Wrap-up, as with the introductory blogs I’ll be talking about Flash, Arrow, Legends, Gotham and Supergirl. The differences this time is since I’m simply take an episode instead of HALF A SEASON it will be much short and 1 post as opposed to 5 of them. Just for fun with this being the first blog, I’ll throw some predictions for the remainder of each show and we shall see how good at guessing I am. Without further ado let’s hit the future stomping grounds of the Dark Knight!

This weeks Gotham was full of surprises. Ivy finally came back after a lengthy absence, Bruce showed he could take a beating, met Penguin’s dad played by the legendary Paul Reubens, seen Nygma’s paranoia go so far he set Jim up for murder charges and Barbara woke up from her coma. I always enjoy Bruce and Selina scenes, David Mazouz and Camren Bicondova have great onscreen chemistry that only going to get better with the way the story is pushing them. I interested to see rather Jim in jail will be shown a lot, while I would like to see it some I would much rather see Harvey Bullock working to get Jim out. With Bruce and Selina being shocked by the news I can see a team up with Harvey on the horizon and that would be awesome. I was shocked when Jim sent Leslie away during their meeting at the prison but at the same time I wasn’t maybe it’s the last we’ve seen of her for now but I doubt permanently.

While its still possible he’s just pulling one over on everyone Penguin seemingly has been “rehabilitated” by Hugo Strange.

The preview for the next episode looks crazy it seems like tensions are going through the roof with Penguins new adoptive family and Jim is likely going to be put through the ringer by his fellow inmates at Black Gate who I imagine will be some familiar faces inside those walls.My predictions for Gotham will be: Things going so crazy with Penguins new family that most if not all of them will end up dead by season’s end I’d like to see his dad around for a long time but I just don’t think it will happen, Jim will remain in Black Gate for most if not all the remainder of the season getting out in the final episode or very close to it. Hugo Strange is going to successfully “rehabilitate” Barbara though due to the liberties the show takes I’m not ruling her out as the one to become Harley Quinn. Strange will also continue to gather the villains we meet throughout the rest of the season and being what will likely be much of next seasons main plot line. RANDOM far off prediction if Leslie actually goes away her daughter with Jim is going to be Cassandra Cain it’s a stretch but with this show anything is possible plus even if she sticks around the chances of her naming her child the same as the person she hates most in the world isn’t very likely folks the only way we will see Barbara Gordon is if Jim gets stuck with Barbara Keen again. Now let’s rush off to Central City and see what the Scarlet Speedster is up to.

I really enjoyed this week’s episode of the Flash; the shock of Team Flash when they found out what we already knew was great I’ll go over that a bit later. I thought Trajectory was a fun villain although with her being as smart as she is I expected she had altered the Velocity 9’s mix and created Velocity 10 but I was wrong so it is probably likely we won’t be seeing a 10 anytime soon. I was a bit sad when she used the last shot of 9 on herself and ended up dying, I was hoping she might get involved in the fight against Zoom. Cisco touching Jay Garrick’s helmet and revealing that the person they know as Jay is actually Zoom and what Trajectory showed them as she was dying was a good way to end the episode everything is at a new level of tension and its looking like Barry literally ran himself into another world.

There are a few other things but they tie straight into my predictions so let’s get rolling with that. Jessie Wells gets fed up with her dad’s overprotectiveness and takes off on a bus to Opal City. Now this could mean the end of the theories that she’s going to become Jessie Quick but you never know. Opal City is directly attached to StarMan who is connected to the character StarGirl so I see Jessie’s character heading down of 2 paths StarGirl or Jessie Quick. A few episodes back we seen Barry interact with a masked man held prisoner by Zoom since we know Zoom isn’t the real Jay Garrick I predict that’s who we will see under the mask and he will be the Earth-2 counterpart to Eddie Thawne. We already know “Jay Garrick’s” Earth Prime counterpart is named Hunter Zoloman an obvious reference to the 2nd Reverse Flash so I am going to assume that Zoom’s name is either also Hunter Zoloman or he created a speed clone of himself in the scene where “Jay” showed Caitlin Hunter reading at the park. Flash and Supergirl are crossing over which means things in the Flash’s main story are likely to be on hold as it looks like Barry has run himself onto Supergirl’s Earth.The crossover will probably be fun but I really want to see who is under that mask in Zoom’s layer. Now to Star City when the trail of Damien Darhk has just begun.

Arrow this week was what I would call a build up episode because they spent a lot of time building things. The episode itself was even entirely built on the tension level rising as Team Arrow dealt with Cupid killing high profile celebrity couples and Laurel trying everything she can to get Darhk convicted. Tensions are rising between Oliver and Felicity as Oliver wants to fix things and Felicity does as well be seemingly can’t bring herself to give it another shot. After trying almost everything to put Darhk down Quentin Lance takes the stand and spills everything about what’s transpired between him and Darhk showing how much he is willing to give up to see justice done which pays off majorly. Seeing Darhk put on a ring and the power rushing into him as he stood in his cell shows that he not old has an alternate power source for emergencies but that he’s also ready for some revenge and unfortunately its probably coming Quentin’s way first. I don’t want him to be the one who name we see on the gravestone but sadly I think it will be. Oliver and Felicity’s false wedding went down a bit differently then it seemed anyone expected Oliver used it as a chance to pour his heart out which catches Felicity off guard but ultimately is what helps her stall in a war of words with Cupid.

Will we see Cupid again? I would say it could go either way but it will probably be in the same way we did this time as part of a building episode. Darhk is clearly getting ready to come back with a vengeance and obviously its not going to end well for a character as we have been teased all season by the grave and that’s the only prediction I really have right now is that its likely to be Quentin if I had to throw a wild card in I’ll say John Diggle because he’s not in the teaser scenes we’ve seen from the future event and with Andy helping the team more and more I can see him taking over for his brother if he is killed. The Waverider is currently out of commission for the week but will be back next week so lets wrap this week up in National City.

Supergirl might have been the best this week if only because of the flashbacks to J’onn J’onnz meeting with Kara and Alex’s father Jeremiah and the real Hank Henshaw. The episode itself changed a lot of things the investigation into how J’onn took the identity of Henshaw ended with Alex and J’onn being hauled off to Project Cadmus. Kara and Jimmy revealed to Lucy that Kara is Supergirl and Kara told Lucy about some of her experiences as a child and how she got her job at CatCo. Kara and Lucy end up rescuing J’onn and Alex making them fugitives and they take off after J’onn learns that Jeremiah is alive and at Project Cadmus by reading Colonel Harper’s mind. Lucy is appointed as new head of the DEO and Kara promises to help her out. A few things happened with Siobhan she tried sending a message to Cat under Kara’s name in an attempt at revenge but Wynn analyzes the typing speed and stops her plan, at the end of the episode she falls off a building and let’s out a huge scream which saves her from death as it reveals her sonic scream powers as the Silver Banshee.

Well with Supergirl and Flash crossing over this week we know they will be taking on Livewire and Silver Banshee. As with most crossovers it will likely be more fun side story driven than story important. This is a multiverse crossover though so that will make 3 different Earth’s we’ve seen in the Arrowverse. I really enjoy David Harewood he’s doing a great job playing 2 personalities. I hope we get to see more of Martian Manhunter sooner than later. My predictions are Alex and J’onn will either begin to or successfully rescue Jeremiah and Kara is going to have a major battle with Non, although I highly doubt it will be their last meeting.

Well that does it for this weeks DC TV recap Legends returns next week and I am super excited to see how that plays out the Supergirl/Flash crossover should be fun and Arrow and Gotham will likely bring their usual thrills.

Until Next time G1’s

-KenFromSF and The Omniverse Crew

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